Clover Keys A-Groove
Creator: Gunmetal Alice || First Published: 06/24/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 9.27 in 15 ratings
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Gunmetal Alice (06/24/2007 02:07pm):

The latest map in the highly popular A-Groove serie!!

This one I should call it "how to take an unbalanced 3 player map and make it perfectly
balanced 4 player team map"!!

Yes, I did it again: find a way to perfectly balanced the FTA without the need of infantry
or extra cities lol.

Also, and this is a first time in the A-Groove, the map can be played both in teams and in
free-for-alll (be mindful however that the Alice-style FTA counter doesn't work in Free
For All).

Anyhow, this map retakes the map from Clover Keys (an original 3 player map) and turns it
into a 4 players team map. Orange Star and Yellow Comet vs Blue Moon and Green Earth.

Again, to fit the map with the Alice-style FTA counter, I took some freedom in placing the

The idea this time is that, even though it's a 4 player map (or maps), you actually get to
play in 3 of them. In two of them, you play "offensively": by that I mean you are on the
island with your team mate and thus, you are very strong.

In one, you play "defensively": by that I mean you are on your own fighting 2 enemies at
ones (and you are not present in the forth one).

So you play in all positions, if you look at the Clover Keys map ( ), you'll notice OS, BM and GE. On this
map, you play as all 3, once in the position of OS, once in the position of BM and once in
the position of GE (and one in which you do not play).

You have to be VERY careful on how you allocate your funds. Invest too much on the two
offensive fronts and you're going to be annihilated on the defensive 2 v 1 front and vice

Anyway, if you read that far, thanks for reading :)

Nyvelion (06/24/2007 03:01pm):
Well, that way to do it with teams certainly sounds like a good way to prevent stalemates...
NecroMage (07/03/2007 10:30pm):
Finally, an A-Groove map that can't result in stalemate during a Free For All game!

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