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Cell Damage (Design Map by SmackCakes)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 9.07 in 29 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Dhomochevsky (11/18/2007 06:34pm):
nice map. Why the black boats? Are they as healing points?
Last Edited on 11/18/2007 06:35pm
SmackCakes (11/24/2007 10:33am):
I just added them because i thought they might be interesting in fog.
sulla (03/24/2008 10:12pm):
Ok this one deserves its A rank rating, but whos cock do I have to suck to get all my maps
rated A?
rast2 (05/31/2008 10:11pm):
Your own. If you can do that, you win the internet.
DuelStriker (06/29/2008 09:56am):
Sulla, you can't give maps letter ratings, only number ratings.
Armageddon07 (05/08/2009 06:13pm):
I like it but it's seems... a little plain and boring now That i look at it with a serious
thought process, I do like it though.
Last Edited on 06/15/2009 02:30pm
funwes (07/25/2010 02:07pm):
Not symmetrical. Damn reefs.
jhuni (02/15/2011 05:39pm):
This is one of my favorite maps. 10/10

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