Checker board
Creator: _Corsair_ || First Published: 06/27/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 35x32
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Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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_Corsair_ (06/28/2007 08:03am):
In this map you must be careful to keep control of each of your eight areas while
simultaneously looking for any weaknesses in your enemy's areas, and I have added
wraparound to make the fabric of the map as continuous as possible. I suggest setting
funds high (2000?) to discourage infantry spamming, especially from Sami, whose increased
rate of capture could be devastating on this map. A ban for Sami may be in order.
x0_000 (06/29/2007 02:13pm):
What the heck? HAve you playtested this to make sure having 4 of your "sectors" converge
on one isn't going to pwn the enemy?
_Corsair_ (07/03/2007 08:29pm):
I don't see your point-- The map is basically the same for both players. It's all about
how you choose to play the map.
thecooltodd (07/05/2007 04:27pm):
It doesn't have complete wraparound effect because there isnt any on the vertical sides...
on the other hand that would be impossible to make anyways.
jhuni (07/07/2007 06:37pm):
Just to let you know checkers has FTA lol
twinblade (07/31/2007 06:39pm | Edited: 07/31/2007 06:48pm):

So does chess.
jhuni (08/01/2007 03:44am):
Unlike checkers chess has a very substantial distance factor and for this reason chess
simply isn't noticably imbalanced. Checkers is only imbalanced to a slight extent to, the
advantage is I'd something like a 100.01%. That advantage is very significant for computer
engines that play checkers games.
Sly Mold (02/17/2009 05:07am):
This is not a 2D map, it is a 3D map. It's a cylinder. Now I have to go make my own.

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