Creator: _Corsair_ || First Published: 06/27/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 32x33
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 9.88 in 32 ratings
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_Corsair_ (06/28/2007 07:54am):
For the first time ever (I think), play in three dimensions (sort of)!
Harmony Bunny (06/28/2007 09:38am):
Interesting, to my mind you should just remove the central base...
x0_000 (06/29/2007 02:15pm):
Now do a tesseract.
isuck (07/01/2007 01:14am):
I dont think the central base should be removed becase ITS A CUBE!!!!! So theres really 4
central bases >_>

10/10 for an awesome map
bakabonest (07/06/2007 02:12pm):
best map I've seen
bakabonest (07/10/2007 02:17pm):
Actually, you might think about taking out some of those woods, because I just played as
Sturm and totally pwned the other guy because of my extra movement
FunkyChunk (07/18/2007 09:58pm):
You don't need to take out any terrain on Sturm's account. Just always ban Sturm and
Hachi (think of his SCOP with those isolated cities) and any other particularly broken COs.
_Corsair_ (07/23/2007 06:56pm):
Yeah, just ban Sturm. I want movement to be impeded a little bit.
adder 85 (08/15/2007 02:03pm | Edited: 08/15/2007 02:06pm):
Edited after i realized something. Awesome map, 10/10.
Sean Et Cetera (09/08/2007 03:04pm):
Played against a friend, and Sami beat Hachi, albeit barely, on turn 10. Had there been
something stronger than a mech on Hachi's HQ, my plan would have bombed.
Diabl0658 (11/23/2007 11:48am):
you should switch those corner cities so that the OS cities are in one corner and the BM
cities are in another. That way sensei and hachi will be a little bit less broken on this map
Sondow (12/24/2007 04:39pm):
I don't get it.
demonhands (02/02/2008 07:46pm):
can anyone answer this question:

How do you make those black tiles? and how do they function as teleporters?

besides my curiousity, this is a very interesting map.

Musha_Gundam (03/22/2008 01:43pm):
nic map
Your map making skills are cool, creative and just a blast lol
_Corsair_ (03/23/2008 07:10pm):
Kruegster (02/08/2011 11:50pm | Edited: 02/09/2011 12:00am):
I think there is an FTA. Each player is earning $7000 to start because of those cities in the
corners of the map. BM starts with two different cities and one infantry, as opposed to OS,
but I don't think it is enough of a counter to equal $3500.

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