Mindfuck time.
Creator: Paine || First Published: 06/29/2007 || Players: 14 || Size: 39x38
Categories: None
Rating: 6.50 in 8 ratings
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Paine (06/29/2007 01:38pm):
Ban indirects.
Mantimus Prime (08/06/2007 07:20pm):
why do you have pipes on the left
twinblade (08/06/2007 07:44pm):
why not
FunkyChunk (08/07/2007 01:04am):
It makes the map look less prettyful ):

Also, can't each team eventually just block off their area with 10 infantry units so that
no team will ever ever ever be able to do anything to attack eachother?
RDS (08/07/2007 05:10am):
You can attack from the funny spaces, can you not?
Shadow Star (09/10/2007 09:40am):
from the Black tiles?
you can never be on a Black Tile.
Black tiles have 0 movement.
you'd be like a puppy dog on waxed floors.
your not staying still, you have to keep moving until you can find some traction.

Falconewing (07/29/2009 06:12pm):
Funkychunk thats why we have indirects
Darth Hawke (07/29/2009 11:40pm):
But Paine, the creator of this map, said to ban indirects.
Nyvelion (12/10/2013 04:48pm):
You're an indirect

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