An Abridged Version
Creator: sirfuxalot || First Published: 07/02/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 16x10
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.53 in 19 ratings
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DuelStriker (07/19/2007 08:27pm):
Airports kinda ruin the map.
Deaninator (08/01/2007 01:46pm):
Shadow Star (09/26/2007 11:56pm):
It looks fine.
no really large problems like most maps that seem to show up.
DuelStriker (11/20/2007 05:17pm):
Actually, I disagree. BM can capture that comm tower before OS does. The HQ's are also
way too exposed. Even a non Sami player can get the HQ's easily. I also still think that the
airpoerts ruin the map a bit, perhaps because of it's size. 5/10
Dhomochevsky (11/22/2007 07:23am):
The HQ's aren't too exposed, both sides have 2 bases within striking distance of their own HQ, plus there are
other fronts to fight on, so HQ capture won't be the main focus, only a threat.
DuelStriker (11/22/2007 11:33am):
Well, I guess we all have our own opinions then.
Dhomochevsky (01/11/2008 06:23am):
thats what my game on the map showed (plus as a tourny map there were loads of games on it).
sirfuxalot (01/28/2008 07:36pm):
Have you played on the map, DS?
DuelStriker (01/29/2008 07:45pm | Edited: 01/29/2008 07:47pm):
I actually played on it a while ago, lost pretty easily due to HQ capture. I suppose I'll play it
Meta Rexy (07/30/2008 04:28pm | Edited: 10/27/2008 04:28pm):
The HQs are too close together. Not good. I hate it when maps are like that.
Sami/Sensei will ruin this map.
Even then, you don't have to go after the airport. you can just bombard the HQ. X_X
Cassowary (05/02/2009 09:15pm):
If you can't defend your hq on this map. You just fail at strategy, don't blame the map.
Nyvelion (06/14/2009 01:48pm | Edited: 11/23/2014 10:58am):
Nvm, he changed the airports.

Really wish AWBW would alert me when I've commented on a map that gets editted.
Rast (06/14/2009 01:51pm):
Fo shizzy my hizz, sir fux a lot is my fav pimp. Word.

Yeah there aren't enough funds for 2 factories +airport, but w/e
walkerboh01 (10/13/2010 01:06am):
This is a rather good map really. 11k is plenty for 2 bases and an airport, it just makes the
decision to build a copter a bit more interesting as you'll have to get a copter and 2 infantry. I
think this map is best in FoW, but it is by no means a bad map. Definitely overused though...
xushu (10/19/2011 11:26pm):
Seconded with walker's observations here. 8/10

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