2vs2 Island Complex
Creator: Nobody || First Published: 07/03/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 25x20
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 7.57 in 7 ratings
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Nobody (07/03/2007 03:03pm):
My new Team Map. OS & GE vs BM & YC.
I don't know if this map work with these teams or if this map is balanced, but its symmetric.
Please rate and comment it and give some suggestions :)
jhuni (07/03/2007 03:56pm):
This map is pretty good, its balance is acceptable, well there are some things you could do to
make the layout much better, you wouldn't get mad if I gave you some suggestions right?
Nobody (07/03/2007 04:12pm):
i will never be mad because of suggestions :)
Heartless (07/03/2007 05:23pm):
jhuni asks for permission so he won't get flamed, lol.
Delta Squad (07/20/2007 09:40am):
I think it's a great map because it makes it difficult to defend yourself from multiple places. So
you think twice before diving for that extra city.
Nobody (08/03/2007 12:57pm | Edited: 08/03/2007 12:57pm):
@Delta Squad: Is your comment based on a FFA view? This map should be played as a 2vs2
Game :)

I'm playing 2 games right now on it and both are showing the same situation. OS and BM are
weaker than GE and YC. This is interesting, because this map is a team map. You will need
to support the weaker one of your team so that he/she cannot get wiped from the stronger

GE and YC have a better access to the lab and to the airport, so that OS and BM will play
the whole game in defense postion and waiting until his/her teammate starts to support him :)

I just wanted to make an unsymmetrical team map, but I never thought, that this would
cause an new tactical gamestyle. (I don't want to be cocky, its just my feeling about this
map :D)
sirfuxalot (08/03/2007 01:09pm):
"I just wanted to make an unsymmetrical team map..."

This map is symmetrical.
Nobody (08/07/2007 04:42pm):
yeah sirfux, but every teammate has an other terrain to fight o_o
CoolJets (12/11/2007 04:11am):
You need to switch the starting locations of OS and GE and make it OS/YC vs BM/GE. Right
now the OS/GE team has FTA.
Nobody (12/15/2007 01:19pm):
@CoolJets: Look again, it is Left vs Right and because of that it is already OS/YC vs BM/GE!
DuelStriker (12/17/2007 04:24pm):
I like this map alot, Nobody. But a suggestion i'd make is to switch the airports with the labs
as the airports are within fighter range of each other. But it's still very fun. :)
Falconewing (09/17/2009 07:40am):
well, bridges need to be 3 tile (connecting enemies)

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