Snake Island
Creator: Taz || First Published: 07/05/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 31x21
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.13 in 24 ratings
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sirfuxalot (08/07/2007 03:19pm):
I think the bases are a little too far away from each other, but I guess it makes the game a
little more interesting.
Fugue (09/25/2007 03:12pm):
Ooh, this looks nice.
rast2 (12/12/2007 03:59pm):
massive STA for blue
lindsay40k (01/13/2008 01:25pm):
That snake looks like a man's willy.
sulla (02/01/2008 07:25am):
Dunno what your willy looks like, but if it looks like that its a strange looking one
Ratatoskr (02/10/2008 09:54am | Edited: 02/10/2008 09:57am):
The one thing I don't like is that the ports are within bship range of each other. All the
central ports can hit each other, so whoever gets the bship first pretty much controls the
entire area.
Tyrael (02/28/2008 09:04pm):
Battleships have a range of 8 spaces now? You might be thinking of DoR where they can
move and shoot in the same turn.
lordliam (03/01/2008 11:38pm):
cool! in DoR battleships can move and shoot? awsome >.< have b-ship and Grit will win DoR
Ratatoskr (03/16/2008 10:55am):
Yeah, I was totally lying. ^_^ For some reason I have this idea that Bships shoot 8, and
I've barely played DoR.
EchelonThree (04/25/2008 11:27pm | Edited: 04/25/2008 11:27pm):
it may have STA... but I'm playing a game right now and my opponent didn't go for the
early black boat base grab...
*Zap* (07/12/2008 09:29am):
then consider yourself lucky or the other guy dumb...
acim81 (10/08/2008 07:21am):
there is really a massive STA for BM.
The get the third base first, and also have after the second turn two inf. capturing the cities
at the HQ, OS has only one Inf. capturing, because one is on the black boat!


Try to change the FTA-counter, and i will change it to 9/10
(i know that this is a league-map)
Taz (10/08/2008 04:42pm):
There is certainly not a massive STA, BM is supposed to have an advantage at the end of
his turn, OS has an equivalent one at the end of his own. There might be a small STA on
the sea battle, because BM can get both ports first. However, OS gets more funds earlier
(he can send the infantry from his second factory to capture the forward base, leaving the
infantry from his HQ base to capture the properties), so I'm not even sure this advantage
is real.
I might try to give OS the possibility of sending two infantries abroad on turn 2 by
supressing a mountain: that way OS might grab one of the ports first, at the expense of
early developpement.

psychoticguyLOLENDGAME (10/12/2008 11:40am):
BM is one turn ahead on center and 1 turn behind on side

hey guess which area is more important

Kruegster (01/15/2009 09:25pm | Edited: 01/15/2009 09:28pm):
Taz (10/08/2008 03:42pm):I might try to give OS the possibility of sending two infantries
abroad on turn 2

I agree Taz. I think there is anSTA right now; I not sure if this is the best counter, but you
could give give OS an infantry 4 spaces away from the black boat. Then OS could send two
infantry to the middle. That should make-up for BM getting his center base first.
Taz (01/25/2009 12:12pm | Edited: 02/01/2009 07:24am):
I finally got an occasion to edit it (no one played a game on it): I simply added two
infantries, one for BM, one for OS, on the second base. This way OS is able to send two
infs away on second turn, but BM still captures the extra base first. This should fix the
balance pretty nicely.

rast2 (02/10/2009 06:06pm):
Might as well rename this Penis Islands.
Nyvelion (03/17/2009 12:38pm):
Oh, so that's why this map has a high rating... I was wondering why some of you guys liked
it so much. I didn't think it was the symbolism of snakes that was the reason...
alamech (03/17/2009 02:42pm):
I don't think it's the symbolism of two penises either, most straight guys only like their
own penis (hopefully), since the rest are actually rivals.
Aegis-Shield (04/02/2009 02:20am | Edited: 04/02/2009 02:30am):
nice job i love this map. 10/10 (1 issue: if day 2 snows then OS is gonna be in a lot of
trouble because they cannot load the boat, maybe place an inf so it can get right in front
of the OS's boat on day 1 so that it can load every time day 2. in a random weather game
it will never snow day 1 but possibly day 2 giving BM a big advantage. if u can resolve
this then ill take this extra writing off this comment) : )
Armageddon07 (04/21/2009 09:01pm):
I'm not going to lie, they look like penises, lol
Falkensparrow (06/23/2009 10:18am):
twistedsaint08 (07/21/2009 04:56pm):
Armageddon07 (04/21/2009 09:01pm):
I'm not going to lie, they look like penises, lol

ichbinsehselber (05/25/2011 06:56pm):
Vry nice map! (9/10)

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