Unorthodox Team Diplomacy
Creator: Ultra Storm needs more maps || First Published: 07/08/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 40x40
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.94 in 17 ratings
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Ultra Storm (07/08/2007 01:00pm | Edited: 07/08/2007 01:00pm):
I wonder what the press messages will look like on this map.
amthc356 (07/08/2007 11:40pm):
it's too bad there aren't more maps like yours.
_Corsair_ (07/10/2007 10:37pm):
Me gusto.
felix45 (07/11/2007 12:37am):
wow this map is absolutley insane! I would love to play a game on it.
Paine (07/11/2007 03:14am):
oh wow
bakabonest (07/12/2007 07:46pm):
Nice concept, some FTA counter would be nice though.
co stu (07/18/2007 02:59pm):
this could end up as an endless war cos bh could win on 1 map os on another bm on another
and ge on the last 1so its endless really
Choconub (07/22/2007 09:00pm | Edited: 07/22/2007 09:01pm):

Also, co stfu, if one person wins on a map, everyone else loses, duh.
lonestar4 (12/15/2007 01:53pm):
yeah this will whine up an endless war

everyone go here
isuck (12/16/2007 01:42am):
"I wonder what the press messages will look like on this map. "

Interesting... because no matter who you want to team up against you're going to be
against that person.
zywxn (11/23/2008 06:01am):
Its a real effort in non-team games where you have to find a way to overpower your allies to
save yourself.
Kensan (01/08/2009 02:37pm):
Insane idea. :)

mrapex (02/05/2009 07:02pm):
increase city count plz
WWShakeD (04/26/2010 04:54pm | Edited: 04/26/2010 05:33pm):
It's not a endless map. If you take down any one of the other player's HQ's, that player is out.
Ultrastar_deluxe (12/25/2011 07:38am):
wow what a great map...

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