Creator: Paine || First Published: 07/10/2007 || Players: 8 || Size: 27x30
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 9.00 in 2 ratings
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Paine (07/10/2007 07:03am):
east v west
DuelStriker (07/15/2007 07:39am):
Cool. 9/10
-1 Because w/ those 2 ports naval combat will take forever(CI and JS ports)
samus3456 (01/13/2008 04:58pm):
very nice 10/10
Giul (06/08/2009 11:10pm):
4 ports total...but each on its own corner...this sounds like you have a better chance
winning by HQ takeover than annniliation
Meta Rexy (09/25/2018 01:20am | Edited: 09/25/2018 01:22am):
This map should give a port to GE and RF. Being landlocked but not having a third base
like Brown and Grey hurts a lot.

Also, the middle is heavily choked. Perhaps paths along the fringe of the map can allow
other countries to fight each other rather than clustering in the center?

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