AWBW minigame 3: Megatank crossing
Creator: Heartless the great. || First Published: 07/14/2007 || Players: 8 || Size: 23x40
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Rating: 7.63 in 8 ratings
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Heartless the great. (07/14/2007 04:50pm | Edited: 07/14/2007 04:51pm):
First one to reach the HQs win. BH is Javier and he must not attack the Megatanks. He can
move the piperunners, though.

EDIT: Ban Sonja.
battlebird (07/14/2007 05:52pm):
what the poop is the point of this
Meta Rexy (07/17/2008 11:16pm):
XD this sounds like fun.
mrapex (07/20/2008 01:50am):
Idea has been done
Red11 (09/02/2008 02:09am):

Because of the teleport lines, whoever moves 1st always wins. The black tiles should be on
other side of pipes.
Orsted (09/21/2008 07:24pm):
Nyvelion (04/03/2012 10:13am):
Cool, It's like Mario Party. I like it, very original idea.
Meta Rexy (10/29/2014 04:46pm):
Since this map already has teleport tiles, why not just get rid of the piperunners and replace them with infantry? The megatanks still won't be able to kill them and the infantry pose no threat.
Gen.Rommel (10/11/2019 09:03am):
no infantry, APC

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