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Infinity War (Design Map by Nalpam)
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Rating: 6.80 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Nalpam (07/15/2007 02:42pm):
This map was based on "1vs1vs1 Triangle S (GO)" by "GeneralOlli".

Leave some comments =]
Last Edited on 08/02/2007 06:09am
jefx (07/15/2007 04:30pm):
i like it... alot
DuelStriker (07/15/2007 06:20pm):
Pretty good. But i don't really like the center for some reason. 9/10
Nalpam (07/18/2007 11:57am):
Hum... Maybe some roads in the middle... But thanks for your comments =]
disaresta8 (07/22/2007 07:48pm):
corners might have been better than just 1 city.
ColdFocus2 (08/10/2007 06:53pm):
I think it has a little FTA.

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