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Mirrored (Design Map by DuelStriker)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 6.75 in 16 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
DuelStriker (07/17/2007 12:28pm):
I love symmetry for some reason...
Heartless (07/17/2007 02:06pm):
Add cities. Don't be afraid to use them.
DuelStriker (07/17/2007 02:17pm):
I might. Could you maybe specify a good place for them?
Heartless (07/17/2007 04:39pm):
I dunno. You can place them anywhere.
DuelStriker (07/17/2007 05:21pm):
When I finish the game on this map, cities shall be added.
oomouwmouw (07/18/2007 04:15am):
I think replacing the silos with cities would be a good thing.
DuelStriker (07/18/2007 07:41pm):
jhuni (07/29/2007 08:05pm):
10/10 thanks to the current version.
DuelStriker (07/30/2007 06:29am):
Thanks. I just wish that the others would look at it now and edit their comments...
DuelStriker (08/01/2007 06:04pm):
Someone is hatevoting my maps. I've gotten 1's on most of my maps from someone. I wish I
knew who you were...
lazernerd (08/05/2007 08:45am):
Cool map, 10/10 to help counter those 1's. (I'm got that a lot on my old maps)
Attack and Defend (08/16/2007 12:11pm):
y does green earth start with 1 infantry?

Attack and Defend (08/16/2007 12:11pm):
y does green earth start with 1 infantry?

acim81 (08/16/2007 12:43pm):
when GE has no infantry, OS has FTA (first turn advance)
check the guides for this.
cool map, i gonna crush you (i hope so)
DuelStriker (08/17/2007 07:41am):
Attack and Defend (08/16/2007 12:11pm):
y does green earth start with 1 infantry?

To counter FTA. Now stop asking that on every map.
DuelStriker (10/28/2007 12:06pm):
Ok, I've updated this even more, it turns out that the neutral bases's positions gave GE too
much of an advantage so they have been moved (thx to acim81 for playing on my map and
pointing that out) , I added a few more cities and removed mountains so that artillery spam is
not as likely to happen.
acim81 (10/29/2007 10:02am):
hey, one more:
set GE infantry on the forest next to the HQ, so GE won't reach the factory one move
earlier than OS.
the FTA-counter for the middle works also on this position.
The Shifting Shadows (12/15/2007 04:19pm):
tailsncream (10/26/2008 01:50pm):
ChokePoint at the middle, but it'S tactical because the airports at left and right. Good
map ! 8/10

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