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Creator: Lloyd_Wells || First Published: 07/20/2007 || Players: 10 || Size: 32x33
Categories: None
Rating: 6.80 in 15 ratings
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Lloyd_Wells (07/20/2007 01:07pm | Edited: 08/02/2007 03:27pm):
Well, it's not done yet, but you get the main idea. It is mainly for a free for all but it can be a
5v5 or 2v2v2v2v2. So just go ahead. Also, any suggestions?
Oh, and for bans, Kindle, Colin, Grit, and Hachi.

At taken from others, ban sensi as well, and ban either piperunners, or put them in a lab
jefx (07/20/2007 02:26pm):
ban piperunners, or this will be chaos. maybe add a few forests
isuck (07/20/2007 05:53pm):
Sensei should also be a ban
DuelStriker (07/21/2007 06:56am):
Pipe mazes aren't the best choice of map designs.
Lloyd_Wells (08/01/2007 05:38pm):
will anyone rate it
adder 85 (08/03/2007 05:52pm | Edited: 08/03/2007 05:59pm):
AS much as i love the look of this map...Heres my rating..
Starting at 10/10 because i like the way it looks...
Chokepoints -1
Strange road patterns that don't connect -1
Too many Missile silos on a map this tight -1
Unoriginal, yet still cool. -1/+1
Lack of terrain variety -1

Explanation: Well, its kindove has quite a few Choke points. As much as i can see you tried
to make the areas between pipes 2-3 spaces
wide, The side to the right has it pretty bad, Plus with single seams, thats going to turn out
pretty chokey. Make the pipes wider apart and double up some of the seams (Only the ones
that are commonly used.). Also, Take out maybe 1/3 of the missile silos...Add some terrain
variety, and make starting positions more even. This can be done by replacing some of the
roads and plains with forests (just don't add too much!) and mountains (only in wide areas,
so it wont create chokepoints, but Inf can still have good vision in FoW) Other than that, just
make the roads that are next to each other connect, and this will be fun to play on =)...

My Reccomendation (And only that, a reccomendation. I could be way off, but if i was
making a map here it's what i'd do):
Banned COS: Von Bolt, Sturm, Rachel, Hawke, Olaf, Sensai, Kindle, Colin, Grit, Hachi
Banned Units: Piperunner
Lab units: Rockets

Rating: 6/10 (for now)
DuelStriker (08/06/2007 06:47pm):
It's not that bad really. There are much worse pipe mazes. I guess I'll rate it 7/10 :)
Joly (08/08/2007 11:36am):
I gave an 8, looks like a great map to play.

Just the road patterns confused me slightly...
DragonR (04/01/2008 12:04pm):
Hi every1 just dropped in to say START!

and sorry for the bad map!
mrapex (06/20/2008 11:14am):
jefx (07/20/2007 02:26pm):
ban piperunners, or this will be chaos. maybe add a few forests

with low funds pipe runners are fine, agree with forests
sicarius1029 (07/24/2008 09:33am):
this map is ok
except that 1 blue moon has way too much of an advantage
and 2 the map is too small for wat's been crammed in it
ChrisRedfield (04/15/2018 11:10pm):
love this map!!

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