Space Hulk
Creator: borgez || First Published: 07/19/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 40x40
Categories: None
Rating: 7.00 in 5 ratings
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FunkyChunk (07/19/2007 11:46pm):
A bit over-roaded, methinks?

Also, I really don't see the point of all those labs.
DuelStriker (07/20/2007 07:47am):
I agree w/ FunkyChunk. Needs less roads and forests. Plus people will just tank/indirect
spam if they play it.
jefx (07/20/2007 09:55am):
i agree with duel striker who agrees with funky chunk, to many roads, the mountains are
pointless, so are the labs. if you dont fix those things soon, i bet your going to be getting a lot
of 1's
Nyvelion (07/20/2007 12:37pm | Edited: 02/15/2012 03:26pm):
EDIT: I change my mind, this map is only average
DuelStriker (07/20/2007 02:05pm):
WTF Nyv? This is terribel!
adder 85 (08/08/2007 10:31pm | Edited: 08/08/2007 10:35pm):
....Koal and Adder are two of my favorite COS! This would be fun...10/10 so i can get it off a
1/10 over-all rating. BTW...How can Koal EVER be broken? Even if the WHOLE MAP other
than HQs and a base were roads his day to day is still just 110 strength. No better than
Hawke...During SCOP he is only 140% power. (and who wastes time on his over-priced
DragonizedHope (12/19/2019 02:34pm):
Perfect for Koal. Plenty of potential for pipe runners.
Aesthetically pleasing.
Symmetry is wonky.
It’s not the worst but some effort was put into it, I suppose.
DragonizedHope (12/19/2019 03:19pm | Edited: 12/19/2019 03:20pm):
Woops, double posted on accident, accursed refreshing.,,

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