2vs2 Island Team Battle
Creator: Nobody || First Published: 07/23/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x20
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.48 in 23 ratings
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Paine (07/23/2007 01:25pm):
two roads in the middle top-left and middle top-right are + shaped instead of T shaped.
Darth Hawke (07/23/2007 07:41pm):
Do something to counter FTA. Even though I see it as a team game, you should maybe give an
infantry on HQ.

Pretty good map! I like team games, so I give it a 9/10! :)
Nobody (07/24/2007 06:09am | Edited: 08/08/2007 05:03am):
@Pain: yeah, you are right xD i will change after the test game.

@Darth Hawke: hmm..... maybe you are right, but i will think about this first :)

Edit: Little Update:
+ Added shoals for landers and black boats.
+ I increased the distance between the bases in the center.

Please comment and rate :)
DuelStriker (08/08/2007 04:36pm):
Nice map. :)
Joly (08/08/2007 06:04pm):
Pretty good, 8/10.
sulla (10/31/2007 01:24pm):
I've had some good games on this map. So it gets 10 out of 10.
Hemskinator (12/01/2007 09:54pm):
Should have been a ban on Javier
sellout2154 (04/24/2008 12:39pm):
It's pretty fair OS and YC vs BM and GE, I think.
Falconewing (07/04/2009 08:39pm):
OS+YCvsBM+GE is always the supposed team. (or 1+4-2+3)
Center is ugly, but nothing about fashion now unless really needed.
Madd Maxx (08/31/2013 01:22am):
its beautiful. has seaportsand airports. 10/10 i love how you can play all broken COs
and not one CO better than the rest. Perfect amount of cities and like the location of
them. This map is meant for broken COs, baby!
blanci1 (07/30/2014 10:52am | Edited: 09/21/2014 02:53pm):
YC and GE get Turn disadvantage. But as team game it is probably more balanced if OS
allies YC, sharing the advantage.

AFTERGAME___ Although it is nominally fairish it plays very lopsided with YC playing last
at big disadvantage though his partner OS gets big advantage.
Dont play this as YC unless you are happy defending. And as OS you really must attack to
balance any pressure on your partner.

Cant understand the high rating this map gets from community. This map would be much
better with some decent fta balancing.

Actually i did make some quite big strategical mistakes here and did learn stuff. Worth
playing. We played in fog which i think makes a really big difference to available
creative strategies ..expanding the possibilities surely!

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