3 on 3 Fight for PR
Creator: HosaD || First Published: 08/19/2007 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
Categories: None
Rating: 5.83 in 6 ratings
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HosaD (08/19/2007 05:38am):
The fight for Puerto Rico is on again, this time with teams of 3.
HosaD (08/20/2007 12:00am):
I already know that I need to put some reefs in, what else do I need?
Joly (09/20/2007 01:09pm):
You could put a few mountains and forests on the islands other than the middle.

DuelStriker (09/20/2007 02:53pm):
That center island is verrrryyy base heavy...
HosaD (11/01/2007 11:11pm):
your mom's base heavy... hehe
DuelStriker (02/22/2008 02:21pm):
...that made no sense.

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