Distraction + 1
Creator: FunkyChunk || First Published: 08/14/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 41x41
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay, Mixed Base
Rating: 7.87 in 31 ratings
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FunkyChunk (08/14/2007 03:44am):

This map is an exact copy of the map Distraction by r1nce. The only difference is that I
added a sea border around it; now naval units can travel around the outside of the islands.

Please let me know if I screwed up and there's a misplaced tile or anything.
acim81 (08/14/2007 07:55am):
Much better than the last.
last time i wondered if i should build this map with a sea border around it, to make the
naval more usefull.
i think i can stop building it.
exelent work.
and there is no fta for me in this game, because it is your choice for what you will fight.
DuelStriker (08/14/2007 10:00am):
Very nice remake. 9/10
FunkyChunk (08/14/2007 04:23pm | Edited: 08/14/2007 04:24pm):
Wow... My map actually got added to a category?

I feel important now.

If anyone wants me to re-create a large map with a slight change, let me know, because I
basically have no life whatsoever.
acim81 (08/16/2007 02:39pm):
how can a map be added to a category?
FunkyChunk (08/16/2007 04:18pm):
I dunno. I just assume so magical admin-like person adds maps to categories.
Tyrael (10/11/2007 09:23pm):
^ The Category Fairy (tm)
lordliam (05/02/2008 09:49pm):
this is really good
i have nothing else to say 10/10
hyper nova (12/05/2008 03:41pm):
um how do you start this is my first time?
Xhead (03/14/2009 04:15pm):
me too im not sure how to start either
Tyrantboy (10/27/2009 06:28pm):
do my hw if u got no life :D
usmchayward1 (12/30/2009 06:07am):
The game creator must start the map. They have an option when they open the map up
when enough player are ready. For this game we are waiting on connor.
Redwall530 (01/14/2010 10:10pm):
Nice map. VERY Complicated. 9/10

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