Aerial Aced
Creator: DuelStriker || First Published: 08/14/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 16x16
Categories: A-Rank, Hall of Fame, Base Light
Rating: 7.97 in 58 ratings
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SmackCakes (08/14/2007 01:43pm):
no FTA counter?
DuelStriker (08/14/2007 01:47pm | Edited: 08/14/2007 01:50pm):
Ya, the map is fixed. :)
g (08/17/2007 08:23pm):
nice name
DuelStriker (08/19/2007 07:39am):
Thanks. Also, I swear I did not give myself a 10.
g (08/19/2007 06:59pm):
i no i did
IMSOCOOL5 (08/22/2007 10:29am):
how do we play

adder 85 (09/12/2007 09:18pm):
Excellent map! 10/10. No flaws whatsoever, and looks very enjoyable.
The Shifting Shadows (09/23/2007 01:10pm):
Another 10 here.
Tyrael (10/14/2007 11:03pm):
Did the phantom 1 rater hit??? 10/10 since I doubt anybody could find a way to significantly
improve it.
tasthomas (11/11/2007 04:01pm):
1 vs. 1; high revenue; low production=fun map 10/10; good luck in our league battle
DuelStriker (11/15/2007 03:59pm):
Wow, that's 7 10's so far. So I got: 7 10's, one 1, a 9, and a 4 or something.
DuelStriker (02/12/2008 05:26pm | Edited: 02/12/2008 05:26pm):
UPDATE: FTA counter moved from JS's HQ, to a JS base. Also added a couple of forests to
both sides.
sulla (05/09/2008 10:34am):
If i did a map like this would it get a A rank? When I do maps better than this it gets ignored.
I've done at least 2 far better than this bland okish map.
RipperX (05/27/2008 10:56pm):
sulla...dont sulk about map making.

duely...great map, i like it a lot. and the addition of the woods was a good idea
blanci1 (08/24/2008 01:58am | Edited: 09/29/2011 12:19pm):
map looks okay ... but dont see anything special to warrant A rank ?
..the map in practice plays like quite a small 10x10 map ..(the sea and coastline are mere
decoration without ports)... could be a bit stand-offish
blanci1 (08/24/2008 03:47am):
sulla .......stop moaning maps are far more ignored than yours ! :(
mathblitz (02/20/2010 12:29am):
10/10 hey DS
pen (09/07/2011 07:47pm):
Jess vs Eagle? 10
xushu (10/12/2011 12:36pm):
Good solid map here~ I've played on it a number of times and each time was a little different
than the first. 9/10
Nyvelion (11/10/2014 10:44am):
Almost surprised this isn't S-Rank, this is a good one.
Rockoe10 (04/16/2018 01:53am):
I thoroughly enjoyed playing on this map. FoW is totally doable here

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