Creator: FunkyChunk || First Published: 08/19/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 7x7
Categories: None
Rating: 5.81 in 16 ratings
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FunkyChunk (08/19/2007 06:50pm | Edited: 08/19/2007 07:00pm):
Lol first turn advantage. Ban everyone who isn't Von Bolt or Rachel or Sturm.

Also I have no real map making talent whatsoever.
DuelStriker (08/20/2007 07:26am | Edited: 09/01/2007 03:35pm):
it's very interesting..
The Shifting Shadows (09/30/2007 06:37pm | Edited: 09/30/2007 06:37pm):
OMG! Black Bombs! We Are all Going to Die!!! xD 10/10 on the Joke Scale.
Altimir (10/11/2007 04:35pm):
this is actually a interesting map to play on.
DuelStriker (10/12/2007 03:40pm):
It should be marked as a Toy-Box map, srsly.
*Zap* (08/08/2008 11:25am):
I dont think it is a FTA since YC has won the most times.
Berghler (02/08/2011 08:43pm):
I love how von Bolt has been chosen 214% of the time. XD

@ *Zap*: OS actually has the most wins, though it only leads YC by 1 (soon to be 2). Hmmm...

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