Creator: SmackCakes || First Published: 08/26/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review
Rating: 7.70 in 23 ratings
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mrapex (02/15/2009 11:42pm):
Great map!
EchelonThree (04/11/2009 10:17am):
what's another word for FTA?
SmackCakes (04/15/2009 02:19pm):
I give in. What's another word for 'don't know what you're talking about' ?
Rast (06/11/2009 06:25pm):
so sick of this map. its in too many leagues
Harti (07/01/2009 11:39am):
Put into the League Maps category just to annoy rast
Borglum (03/27/2010 04:20pm):
"Fuck The Assholes," There's another "word"...errr, perhaps you meant phrase, whacky
vunguyenquang90 (08/14/2011 12:40am | Edited: 08/14/2011 12:42am):
This map is STA
I don't get why this could be considered a S-rank map since there're dozens of map that's more
interesting to play.
xushu (10/12/2011 11:34am):
Early choices matter here, which I like, but at a certain point in the middle game, it can stale
rather quickly, which I don't like. Solid, nonetheless. 9/10
jhuni (07/28/2012 07:46pm):
Direct units are most mobile in an open center, so the three mountains in the center of
this map somewhat weaken tanks and other direct units in the long term. The large lines of
mountains will be nice places to camp mechs to maintain established positions against tank
assaults. However, tanks will still be invaluable in establishing positions in the early
game. Unlike vechicles, battle copters can travel over mountains and woods undeterred, so
battle copters will play a significant role on this map. It may take two anti airs to
effectively defend positions on the ground against a well place battle copter.

Since the center of this map is closed by this mountains, games on this map will probably
involve two independent battles along the top and the bottom of the map, such that BM has
an advantage on the top and PC has an advantage on the bottom. Strategic mistakes may
break the balance of this position, giving one player an overall advantage.
Xmo5 (01/17/2019 04:41pm):
Whew, I was starting to think I'd never find another map again...

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