Back in the Village
Creator: sirfuxalot || First Published: 08/22/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 14x14
Categories: Casual Play
Rating: 7.68 in 22 ratings
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Mark998 (11/02/2007 09:48pm):
I like it! I like it!
Nyvelion (08/06/2008 08:14am):
I don't like it.
Mechalviathan (08/22/2008 10:15am):
I'll give it a 9/10 just for the continued tradition of naming your maps after Maiden songs.
walkerboh01 (10/13/2010 01:30am):
Solid map, but this style of map has been so overdone it's not even funny...
xushu (10/19/2011 11:27pm):
Nothing original, true, but it is pretty decent. 8/10
Nyvelion (11/23/2014 11:00am):
Now I like it.

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