(3) Holy Ground
Creator: BladeCruiser || First Published: 06/06/2006 || Players: 3 || Size: 28x28
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 7.71 in 41 ratings
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LuminescentSword (06/06/2006 12:49pm):
Not a bad map at all. However, two things I'd suggest:
1. Get rid of some of the shoals, as since there is no naval warfare, shoals on every
possible tile are not necessary.
2. Perhaps more than one production base at the beginning? Since capturable properties are
far away from the starting base, two bases may be a good idea.

Otherwise, you've got a good map.
BladeCruiser (06/07/2006 05:04am):
Made a few changes to it. Did as suggested with a second base at the starting areas, and I
think it will make games get started a little faster. I also removed some of the shoals, but I did
keep some to keep the original plan that I wanted them for. It adds a bit of a dynamic to any
fighting that might take place over the properties near the water ways.
GaoGaoStegosaurus (08/08/2006 04:45pm):
I don't understand why OS is the closest to the neutral bases while GE is the farthest even
though OS goes first and GE goes last. =_=
jhuni (08/19/2006 05:30pm):
is this based of a SC map?
BladeCruiser (08/22/2006 01:50pm):
Yea, it's based on a StarCraft map of the same name. Lots of the map designs in SC are
very good, and carry over fairly well into other strategy games, even turn based ones.

As far as base distance from starting point, I never paid much attention to specifics,
instead just tried to get it so it was fairly even.
DuelStriker (11/04/2007 07:33am):
This map looks very fun, very enjoyable. It's perfectly balanced, which is rare for 3P FFA
maps. 10/10 + Favorited
DuelStriker (11/04/2007 07:38am | Edited: 11/04/2007 08:44am):
Oops, double posted by mistake.
sulla (07/21/2008 02:02am):
This is a great map.
kookysooky (12/08/2008 12:42pm):
bases are too close to OS.
DJ-Moogle (05/17/2009 06:00pm):
GE still gets screwed, and OS wins
ArchaicRene (05/25/2009 04:05pm | Edited: 05/25/2009 04:07pm):
I'm very new to the game. My friend shown me the game last week and I fell in love with
it, I appreciate the help. How do I change this map up? I'm new to the site too. :-P
Falconewing (05/25/2009 04:14pm):
OS gets to the bases very easily.
phantomlordozai (05/25/2009 06:39pm):
anyone here

Falconewing (06/18/2009 08:08pm):
JoystickHero (01/18/2010 02:29am | Edited: 01/18/2010 02:31am):
Put the top-left base a couple tiles farther south, the FTA is ridiculous right now.

Otherwise, I quite like it. Every base being directly attached to the road gives Koal a
rather strong advantage, so I'd suggest banning him on this map, but otherwise...
Kruegster (01/25/2011 04:01pm):
BM has 9 spaces between it's base and a nuetral base, and the nuetral base by BM is the
furthest away from the other two nuetral bases. As of right now, BM has the advantage.
OS and GE are closer together, so if nobody tries to make a treaty, OS and GE will have the
most combat.

However, as with all 3 player FFA maps that give all 3 players about the same amount of
urban structures, the key to winning is to be able to team up with 1 player to take out the
other enemies and once one player is defeated be able to beat your former ally.
Dasherman (12/06/2011 01:11am):
There is so much mind-f!@#ing on this map if the scenario Kruegster is put to use.
-2 players team up on the other player. Other Player is defeated, and a battle between the
2 who teamed up ensues.
-No teaming. All out brawl.
-2 players team up on the other player. Other Player was prepared, and holds off the 2
ass-bastard players who are teaming up. Probable stalemate.
-2 players team up on the other player, BUT one of the 2 players will BACKSTAB one
another..."Rocks fall, EVERYBODY DIES"
(Note:I'm speaking from experience on this map. Watch out for backstabbers...)
Nyvelion (09/25/2012 06:00am):
Thank you captain obvious.
Madd Maxx (02/16/2015 07:14pm):
8/10. good job.

add airports and i give it 9/10

add sea on the border with ports or maybe make center sea bigger with ports and i give it 10/10

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