4P - Immigration (Squarewar[e])
Creator: el_B || First Published: 08/24/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 27x27
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.27 in 30 ratings
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el_B (08/24/2007 06:23pm | Edited: 08/24/2007 06:26pm):
Wait there?
A new immigration map by the original creator?
How could this happen?
...well, I was bored.

It's so late...I feel like I forgot something, but oh well..
This isn't exactly my masterpiece, but considering I was out of practise for quite a long
time, this is what you get. It's one of the smaller 4 player maps, so you can actually
finish the map.
What's so special about this one?
- Airports in the corner: Basically your option to call air "reinforcements" from home.
And yes, your home lies in every single direction you can imagine. But don't capture them
in the beginning. The Airports in the center merely serve as refuel airports - You cannot
build units on them.
- Labs in the center: Two labs for four players? You've got to hurry. You can "lab" every
unit you want to, but I prefer to forbid all air units for non-Lab-owners.
- A square battlefield, where every corner actually has the same distance to the center. I
never did this before, so it's about time I guess.

As said before, I'd suggest you "lab" at least every air unit, so the players have to
reach the center first in order to use the airports, because air units kinda break this
map. If you don't like building air units at all, just ban them altogether.

Ban the broken CO's (How many of them are there by now btw?), Sami, Sensei and your most
personal hated CO.

Team game is advised, but not neccessary
FTA is slightly fixed by moving the green and yellow copters one tile closer to the land,
which means they can capture certain (but not all) bases earlier.

Oh, and btw, don't expect me to actually become active again - I highly probable won't.
Don't expect another Immigration map either.
sirfuxalot (08/24/2007 07:09pm):
FYI Sensei is broken now.
Evil Mastermind (08/26/2007 08:16am):
Why did someone rate 2?
_over9000 (10/28/2007 04:48pm):
GE and YC HQ's are in wrong spots, otherwise a great map.
cole35 (12/11/2008 04:15pm):
Nyvelion (12/27/2008 06:35pm):
_over9000 you fool, you got it backwards. The HQ's are actually supposed to be on opposite
sides, it's OS and BM's HQs that are in the wrong spots!

And to two of you, stop typing "HQ's" or "CO's" where "HQs" or "COs" is correct. It's a
plural, not a contraction!
Falconewing (03/12/2009 06:46am):
How u make Tele tiles?
gamernl (03/13/2009 05:34am):
how to win?
gamernl (03/13/2009 05:34am):
how to win?
cward2k4 (04/12/2009 03:54pm):
Looks fun. I'm going to try it. 10/10 for looking so cool.
cward2k4 (04/13/2009 09:10pm):
FTA is not fixed. Now green and yellow have the FTA. Orange and Blue have a pointless
first turn.
Caelum (05/12/2009 01:39am):
Yeah.. major problem with HQs... Capture and win 3rd turn? switch green and yellow..
-- For those who actually want to play anyways, just make green and yellow teams, easy
soluiton. --
9/10 (towers)
Slazzy (07/07/2009 07:06pm | Edited: 07/08/2009 09:32am):
There is a red tile after I click "move" on the t copter, in the upper left corner, im
asking, what is that?
Slazzy (07/10/2009 04:45pm):
how could yc drop inf before all others?
Darth Hawke (07/18/2009 10:36am):
He's closer to the Black Tiles.
yarediscool (08/27/2009 03:33am):
lol yellow dies so fast
blozzee (10/25/2009 08:18pm):
airport at corner top left is inaccessible due to glitch
Cockroach (11/14/2009 04:14am):
Is the Green or the Yellow wrong?
Roareye (11/15/2009 03:49pm):
Good luck winning on capturing a HQ on 3rd day in this map, noobs... it's impossible.
MarioFanaticXV (12/03/2009 09:44am):
@Nyvelion: Actually, for acronyms, it's proper to use an apostrophe before the "s" with
plurals, to show that the "s" is not part of said acronym.
Falconewing (12/05/2009 07:54pm):
blozzee, you can get there. dont jus tbe lazy by using the glitch tah tdoesnt work.
blozzee (12/12/2009 02:10am):
^ read this http://amarriner.com/awbw_forum/viewtopic.php?t=9200

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