-A futile assault- a reflection on the type of guy I am
Creator: Evil Mastermind || First Published: 08/27/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x25
Categories: Joke
Rating: 8.62 in 52 ratings
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Evil Mastermind (08/27/2007 11:34am):
The BM HQ is wide open, the only soldier on the battlefield is a single OS infantry, he spends
33 days of his life running, just to run out of supplies one square away from BM HQ, just so i
can laugh at him.

For those of you who need to be told, this is a joke map
RedlineM203 (08/27/2007 12:46pm):
... Lol.
Nibbles On Marshmallows (08/16/2008 09:45pm):
10'd for epic win.
[zoog]dsaf (10/28/2008 11:11pm):
Best map ever, or best map ever?
Falconewing (07/21/2009 11:35am):
Lol epic loss stalemate 10101010
Parasol Kirby (10/05/2009 05:23pm):
"Best map ever, or best map ever?"

I choose secret option (C) ALL OF THE ABOVE
Varker (12/31/2009 10:03pm):
uh...as I remember, BM having no units is kicked from the game
Camo Yoshi (12/14/2010 01:36pm):
I lol'd. 10/10!
DocSpacebar (11/14/2014 11:30pm | Edited: 11/14/2014 11:30pm):
Relies on mainly infantry and capturing. Ban Sami.

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