Deserted Beach
Creator: nerd-boy || First Published: 08/30/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x22
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.09 in 35 ratings
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nerd-boy (08/29/2007 06:56pm | Edited: 09/01/2007 02:29pm):
The two Twisted Companies of Doom have decided they both lay claim to this rather deserted

Which TCoD shall rise victorious and claim this beach for their own?

BANS: Usual 5 (CGHKS), Sasha, Koal (because of all the roads, though it shouldn't make
much of a difference), and Sturm (because his recon rush disrupts the base capture.
DuelStriker (08/29/2007 06:57pm):
It gets a 10 because of the evil one voter.
DuelStriker (08/30/2007 07:35am):
Wow nerd-boy. 7.00 in 7 ratings. Nice. I still can't find anything wrong with it.
Evil Mastermind2 (08/30/2007 10:18am):
The Phantom 1 rater was here too?

Its a good map, and i need to foil the Phantom 1 rater's evil plans, so i shall rate 10.
Inferno955 (08/30/2007 03:47pm | Edited: 08/30/2007 03:50pm):
A 10 for a very good map, great job! And against the recon rush, maybe 1 or 2 more
starting cities so player 1 can build a tank to counter them?
nerd-boy (08/30/2007 04:42pm | Edited: 09/01/2007 02:29pm):
I realized that non-Sturm recons don't reach the base in time, so the FTA counter is revised.
The Shifting Shadows (09/01/2007 02:34pm):
10/10 I don't see nothing wrong with it ether. Might give this map a try.
benbever (02/05/2008 09:37am):
Second turn OS recon can rush to the northeast base and interfere with capture.
BM can not interfere with OS basecapture. The map has horrible FTA and gets a 1/10 until
how to fix: move nuetral bases closer to HQ.
Why is this in the leagues?? it's a fine map otherwise.
nerd-boy (02/05/2008 06:18pm | Edited: 02/05/2008 06:18pm):
Oh, whoops. I didn't even think about the FTA counter being on the wrong base. I'll admit
I was so worried about BM recon rushing that I didn't even think about OS recon rushing.

Thanks for pointing that out, though I think that rating it 1/10 until it's fixed might be
a little bit harsh. Especially considering we now hafta wait for ~4 games to finish on it....


Switch BM FTA counter to other base to avoid OS recon rushing.
benbever (02/06/2008 02:48am):
Putting the BM infantry on the northern base would indeed fix things.
Ok, rating it 1/10 was a little bit harsh, but it's a league map so it needs to be rated
seriously :)
Since it'll be fixed, I changed my rating from 1/10 to 10/10 ;)
Bearkillers (03/21/2008 09:15am):
why do so many of you god damn maps look the same???
but your probably too much of a fucking dumbass to notice that, also, the roads on all of
your maps are FUCKING RANDOM!!! they all just go to random places
nerd-boy (03/21/2008 11:41am):
Last I checked not all of my maps had a bit of sea in the center shaped like a circle.

Besides, randomness is good when you know how to make maps.
nerd-boy (03/24/2008 02:03pm):
That'd be called asymmetry, which I'm not good at.
FreshBread (04/01/2008 09:52pm | Edited: 04/01/2008 10:02pm):
nerd-boy DO HIS THING! nice map by the way. i give a 10
FreshBread (04/06/2008 01:58pm):
Nah dude. I just enjoy some of his (or her since i dont actually know the person) maps and i
see u being unjustifiably harsh on the only 2 maps of nerd-boys i looked at. its your opinion
but a 1? u must really hate nerd-boy.
FreshBread (04/06/2008 02:06pm):
oops double post
nerd-boy (04/06/2008 04:52pm):
I'm a guy.

I thought that was fairly obvious >_>
FreshBread (04/06/2008 08:51pm):
u never know lol
FreshBread (04/07/2008 06:31pm):
its cool. i usually dont assume those kinda things although its probably a safe bet that
mostly dudes play advance wars. correct me if im wrong
FreshBread (04/07/2008 07:29pm):
i hear ya
timeiskey (04/07/2008 08:19pm | Edited: 06/11/2008 08:47pm):

Bid2782 (04/07/2008 09:01pm):
a lot of water for a desert map......
IchigoKurosaki (04/07/2008 09:37pm | Edited: 04/07/2008 09:37pm):
Well, this map had alot of comotion... sorry bout that.
nerd-boy (04/08/2008 02:04pm):
Heh. As long as it's over, it's fine.
IchigoKurosaki (04/09/2008 06:55am):
Yeah he sucks.
Corkerp (05/30/2008 08:27pm):
It's not a desert map. It's a *deserted* beach. A beach. Beaches have water, do they not?
Nice map, by they way.
Dhomochevsky (08/06/2008 06:07am):
This map is begging for a stalemate
CompleteDuck (03/07/2010 04:19pm):
@ CorKerp, technically a Desert is defined as having little rainfall, and last I checked
that there is a desert in the arctic. And the Arctic desert has snow, which is a form of


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