black push "reload"
Creator: acim81 || First Published: 09/02/2007 || Players: 3 || Size: 37x39
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay, Mixed Base, Teleport Tile
Rating: 9.50 in 6 ratings
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acim81 (09/02/2007 09:34am):
every country has a strong a normal and a weak positions.
the HQ cant be conquered, so every unit musst be finished.
i know that there t is possible that you can end in a draw because of blocking the black
squares, but i think the chance is very low.
or would it be better to place the HQ in the strong positions?

any comments welcome
DuelStriker (09/02/2007 12:00pm):
Heh, you must really like teleport tiles. The only problem I see is that the lab in the ocean is
sirfuxalot (09/02/2007 01:44pm):
OS can't lose.

Let me explain why...since the HQs are unreachable and OS start out with no units, they
can simply choose not to build any units and can never be defeated by rout or capture.
You'd have to be a real jackass to abuse that though.
acim81 (09/03/2007 04:57am):
now also OS can loose.
is the FTA-counter ok?
and yes, you cant capture the lab in the ocean, its just design.

any more things are not quite ok?
Gunfighter (09/20/2007 05:03pm):
I don't see the HQs
acim81 (09/20/2007 05:22pm):
i have two labs instead of HQs, loose them both and you have lost the game.
demonhands (02/02/2008 12:56am):
yo how did you make those black teleport tiles??

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