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Battleship II (Design Map by camus the dark knight)
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Rating: 8.75 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
camus the dark knight (09/07/2007 12:29pm):
OK, this map will need a little bit of an explanation... Teal Galaxy and Purple Lightning
are the 2 super powers, the islands will have to pick a side prior to the match. The teams
are private and will happen over a private message although the countries are not. So a
player will pick their country and pick which super power to support, they can choose to
not support either if they wish.

The map is obviously based around naval warfare, neutral ports are for the allied super
power to conquer as refuel areas for their ships, although it's up to the actual island to
decide. There is also no rules about which islands can and can't support a power, so for
example Pink Cosmos can be allied with Purple Lightning if they want. In addition funds
should be set to 2000.
camus the dark knight (09/07/2007 12:31pm):
Oh don't comment on "This isn't fair because it isn't symmetrical", it's supposed to be a
little uneven.
camus the dark knight (09/07/2007 12:50pm):
I also forgot to mention that the teams don't have to be 5/5, but you won't know who is
which team, so they might even end up being 3/7, this is intended.
bakabonest (09/07/2007 09:47pm):
Give airports to countries besides the corner two.
camus the dark knight (09/07/2007 10:32pm):
^Meant to be sea warfare, when people have air-ports they don't bother building ships that
often. The corner 2 have them, since they are the super powers and even then it's only 1
each, so it's still mostly sea.
bakabonest (09/07/2007 10:39pm):
Then just take them out completely. Otherwise the superpowers will have too much of an
advantage(stealth/bbomb anybody?) and the neutral countries would be too eaisly crushed.
camus the dark knight (09/07/2007 11:34pm):
I was actually going to do that, but then I was thinking the carrier would be useless, so
I gave the super powers 1 airport each, which would make carriers rather useful for both
the super powers and the islands. For the islands the carrier is sea anti-air, for the
super powers it is a refuel point for planes meant to strike the enemy.

Well let's see how the game goes, then I will fix anything that is a major problem.
Milka (12/19/2007 08:55am):
I find it very good. It's rare to see naval units, you're right, and i like the rule ^^
The two superpowers have to be intelligent and wise to rally the islands to him. Very good
map, i put it 10 :)
Stupider339 (10/10/2008 10:30am):
What if the two super powers join to gether against the islands?
mrapex (10/11/2008 03:30pm):
haha, that would be a good battle
Armageddon07 (11/16/2008 08:14am):
Nyvelion (12/20/2012 10:00am):
I'd rather use Sea units then Air units to be honest. Not like Battle Copters are any good
at attacking Sea units other than black boats anyway.
the-deadly-shadow (02/18/2017 05:25am):
A 9K copter does 10.8k damage to a cruiser on the first hit(at zero star terrain). So if
you just get the first hit, it is effective and copters have better moveability.

I think the positions favour the Teal superpower.
1 There are 5 islands (mostly) below the diagonal.
2 The TG aiport is 'more' to the center than the PL one (or actually less to the corner)
3. TG has FTA over PL.

So in a 4vs.4 match, there is always one of the isles below the diagonal that is not with
TG, and TG can reach that island earlier than PL. So the pressure is naturally on PLs team.

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