Spann Island Developed
Creator: camus the dark knight || First Published: 09/07/2007 || Players: 16 || Size: 15x10
Categories: Joke
Rating: 5.37 in 35 ratings
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camus the dark knight (09/07/2007 11:24pm):
I figured I would make my contribution to all the joke spann island maps.
Evil Mastermind2 (09/08/2007 05:27am | Edited: 09/08/2007 05:30am):

This is like the opposite of 'Spann island overused'
Alathon (09/08/2007 10:03am):
FTA. Otherwise this could actually be a playable map.
ColdFocus2 (09/08/2007 10:35am):
i tihnk green earth has it good in the neighborhood.
DuelStriker (09/08/2007 10:57am):
Kindle LOL
*Zap* (07/10/2008 05:38am):
Sami LOL
sulla (07/20/2008 05:42pm):
Nibbles On Marshmallows (07/20/2008 06:26pm):
Sulla LOL
sulla (07/20/2008 08:02pm | Edited: 07/25/2008 06:30am):
Brown Desert are screwed lol
lordliam (08/23/2008 11:03am):

lol? >.>'
Zinco (10/23/2008 01:11am):
Kanbei, Lash, Kindle, Sami....

Meta Rexy (11/27/2008 07:16pm):
lol, it's like trying to sardine 14 people into a Mini XD
This map is going to be quite boring though when you play on it
Darth Hawke (01/15/2009 06:03pm):
Green Earth is a great place to defend. Just Rockets and Megatanks on base. B-Beautiful!
SilentSaber (01/27/2009 07:35pm):
how do you get rockets or megatanks with standard funds?
Darth Hawke (03/03/2009 10:31pm):
You see, if your host has set funds to 9500, then you can just build Rockets and
Megatanks... O.o
twistedsaint08 (03/09/2009 04:48pm):
another horrible spann map... of course, spann sucks ass al together...
Falconewing (07/14/2009 10:54pm):
Banana Inc. (07/15/2009 08:39am):
And then Sturm uses his CO power...
marth4110 (10/28/2009 12:45pm):
Lol. just imagine silos and racheals super CO.
Garlyle (01/09/2010 02:13am):
Amusingly enough... this map almost completely overthrows the typical Banned CO list o.o
Nyvelion (12/04/2013 01:38pm):
Only problem I see is that some players have more exposed HQ's than others. No way is RF
outlasting GE.
mirddes (12/19/2013 09:06am):
where is the reef?
Kamuscha (03/19/2015 02:48pm):
One of the best maps ever made to grace the entire AW universe. 1/10.
the-deadly-shadow (05/16/2015 10:25am):
I think it is a funny map, however the corner countries have the advantages. I would
suggest giving the central players more bases or giving them some properies outside the
Tmi489 (09/14/2018 04:49pm):
sumhow has 16 players now
shen150 (02/14/2019 12:42am):
Best meme.

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