Peace Pipe
Creator: maq || First Published: 10/01/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.00 in 21 ratings
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sirfuxalot (10/01/2007 11:44pm | Edited: 10/01/2007 11:44pm):

I think the airports are too close.
Shadow Star (10/01/2007 11:56pm):
I agree, know, more then ten total squares apart as the fighter flies.
And, maybe open one or two of the pipe seams.
at 12 property each...Most of it is going to go into producing units to heckle the opponent.
and with two bases and an airport, it doesn't leave for a lot of spare units for opening a

Also, if those rivers are coming from the pipes, like it appears they are, what about the other
pipe seam openings? wouldn't, you, you know, not want to open it????
FunkyChunk (10/02/2007 12:01am):
Shadow Star, don't try to apply logic to the Advance Wars magical gigantic pipes that can
be driven upon (kind of) and shot over but not flown over.
Shadow Star (10/02/2007 12:04am):
I just think it strange.
I think I mentioned in one of my maps that the pipes were carrying sewage and if you blast it
open your sacrificing units to open a crap tube or something.
You jsut don't know what's inside until you open it. what if it is filled with crap?
maq (10/02/2007 12:15am):
The airports being that close... I assumed that because the base was so close (crucially 1
turn for a fresh AA), that each central airport had adequate cover. Besides, I don't
expect there to be many Fighters, so it's not a problem IMO.

As for the rivers bursting from the pipes, just imagine it's stagnant sewage instead. :)
Shadow Star (10/02/2007 12:16am):
As for the rivers bursting from the pipes, just imagine it's stagnant sewage instead. :)

soo...the point of the map is to win without changing the battlefield from a plains map into a
smelly swamp?
now there's a different basic strategy for a map.
B.O.E. (07/08/2009 05:00pm):
Grimm's artillery can 2HKO pipeseams, which could be quite an advantage, given the free
arty and all the seams you have to break. But then you're stuck playing as Grimm, so I
don't know how that would work. I tried it in a game, but then the other dude quit, so lol.
Falconewing (07/23/2009 09:49am):
Kanbei can 2HKO and he is borked. Grimm is not recommended, cause this map is largely so
DuelStriker (08/07/2009 02:20pm):
"largely so small. "


asd19901 (10/24/2009 12:35am):
- -
MS1 (10/31/2009 06:47am):
not bad, after all
wizozd15470 (11/14/2009 07:24pm):

wizozd15470 (11/14/2009 07:25pm):
How this map a game

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