Dimensional whirlpools
Creator: FunkyChunk || First Published: 10/02/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x15
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.86 in 7 ratings
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FunkyChunk (10/02/2007 06:57pm):
###I screwed up on the previous version of this map by setting the improper amount of
players. It's fixed now though, it should be playable.###

Okay, the map's finished now. This is my second real map that involves teleport squares,
the first I deleted because it sucked.

The teleport squares here aren't very inventive or creative, I just think they spice up
the map with zesty nacho flavor.

Besides the usual, you may want to ban Sturm for his recons, and Javier because of the
comm towers.

Comment if you're going to vote low, please.
sirfuxalot (10/02/2007 10:48pm):
muy caliente
The Shifting Shadows (10/03/2007 03:32pm):
Looks fine to me. 9/10
camus the dark knight (10/07/2007 12:32am):
Javier doesn't really need to be banned I think, he is likely to get only 1 tower which is
certainly not broken, banning him for 1 tower is sort of like saying Eagle should be
banned since a map has a few airports. Now if there were 4 or so towers on the other hand...
DuelStriker (10/28/2007 07:52am):
This map is great, 10/10. This deserves an A-Rank in my opinion.
DuelStriker (11/22/2007 11:27am):
Yayz, it was A-ranked, then un-categorized, and then A-Ranked again!
RipperX (05/14/2008 05:48pm):
upon playing it against duelstriker i like it alot.
the teleport squares make some things very challenging and alot more interesting.

FunkyChunk (11/20/2009 06:48am):
Update: The pipe seams have been changed to mountains, mostly just for shiggles.
xushu (10/19/2011 11:41pm):
Pretty fun map~ 8/10

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