3 vs 3 madness
Creator: Heartless || First Published: 10/07/2007 || Players: 6 || Size: 23x17
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.44 in 18 ratings
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Heartless (10/07/2007 07:33pm):
An Heartless 3 vs 3. Ain't it fun? Here's the deal. Lab units are indirects and air units. Bans
are Neos and Mega tanks. Besically, the middle is the main front, but on the side, there's a
battle for the labs. Whoever wins that front gets the ability to support the middle front.

Ban CGHKS, Kindle, Sami, maybe Sturm.
FunkyChunk (10/07/2007 07:37pm):
Making all indirect units lab units sounds like a bad idea..

Also, stealths should be banned.
Heartless (10/07/2007 08:16pm):
The **** at the 1 rating?
FunkyChunk (10/07/2007 08:30pm):
It wasn't me. I usually don't vote on maps, because I never know what to pick. Is a 6
average, or is it sub-par? Are 1-5 just different levels of suckitude?

Anyway, If you want, I'll counter the 1 by voting 10 on this map.
Shadow Star (10/07/2007 08:58pm):
I think that a 6.5 is average....

I think that this mpa has a lot going on.
each (outer)side has 22 property.
and teh inside has 24 (this exlcudes com towers, and the extra Hq that you have to guard.)
hmm, i think, you shoudl put a lab under the piperunners, just so that the inside, can make
then for the Lab units, just have it be Artillary, rockets, battlecopters, Bombers. (I'd flat out
ban the black Bomb and Stealth for this map)
You might consider Drake and Rachel due to how powerful their power and super powers
are. (respectively, drakes either, and rachel's SCOP)
it looks nice though, all the crisscrossed property is a little bit of an eyesore, but I'm usually
complaining about too much terrain that's clumped, or too much plains. so, it's fine.

Heartless (10/07/2007 10:01pm):
Actually, at first, there was gonna be labs where the piperunners were, but I decided to nay
that so that the middle is more dependant on the sides.
zogar1993 (09/25/2011 08:10pm):
Hi there, nice map! I just want to point something out, it may be a little twisted thought but anyway i thought it
was worth pointing out. What i propose it to switch places between allied HQs and the neutral cities next to
them. The reason is the following: Mid is nor really important since he cant go to the sides. What makes it
important is that HQs are there, so the idea would be for the sides to come help the mid and dont get your HQ
captured. But the way i see it, the sides can easily just focus on their side and protect their HQ with rockets
(making it imposible for mid to capture the HQs unless shes sami or the side is max). i think this little change
could make the mid still be the front. Great map anyway! 10 / 10
IPS (01/24/2015 12:32am | Edited: 01/24/2015 12:33am):
The idea of the map is nice forces team playing. But there are a way too much cities, no
chances to rebuild infantries because if trying you get outnumbered by tanks. Well it's a
fair 8.5/10 => 9/10
pen (12/10/2019 11:56am):
The basic concept and layout is good, it's just too chokey.
pen (12/10/2019 11:57am):
Aesthetics are also a bit lacking.

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