5 vs 2 vs 1 (The Better Version)
Creator: DuelStriker2 || First Published: 10/13/2007 || Players: 8 || Size: 34x26
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.04 in 24 ratings
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DuelStriker2 (10/13/2007 07:36pm):
Yes, I said I would do it. I stole DDD13's 5 vs 2 vs 1 concept. And made it better. Okay, here
we go:

First off, teams are OS/GE/YC/RF/PC vs BH/TG vs AB.
The allied 5 have, *gasp* decisions to make. Somone will need to take the airport, while 2
others need to take the bases. And someone will need to take the lab as well.
BH/TG start in a smaller fortress, and will need to advance in order to get funding for
Then, AB: the strongest here, but the two teams should be just enough of a match for them.

CO bans (reccomended): CHKGS, Javier, Sturm, VB, and Sasha.
Although, I guess AB can be a broken, but that might be too difficult...

Also, I spent 3 and 1/2 hours making this.
Tyrael (10/13/2007 07:40pm):
DuelStriker (10/13/2007 07:43pm | Edited: 10/13/2007 08:04pm):
Also, lab units would be best as: missles, rockets, and maybe neo/mega tanks.
FunkyChunk (10/13/2007 07:53pm):
Drama ensues if 2 or more of the allied 5 pick Eagle.


I also have a personal bias against maps that have poor wittle pipewunners that are doomed
to eventually be 1HP if the enemy plays as a damage CO, but that's just me.

Also, I'd vote 10 to counter the vote of 1 that was intended to counter the vote of 10,
but that's just kind of complicated.
DuelStriker (10/13/2007 08:02pm):
lol, if someone uses Sturm/Rachel/VB then it could be at 1 HP, but it would take a while as
another damage CO to bring it down that much. Besides, the armies can just rest the
piperunners on thier bases.

So: Ban piperunners, and add Rachel to the CO bans.
FunkyChunk (10/13/2007 08:12pm):
There are 2 AB piperunners that clearly can't rest on a base, 'foo
DuelStriker (10/13/2007 08:13pm | Edited: 10/13/2007 08:14pm):
Well they got unlucky, or AB scientists were trying to see if they had created armor that
could withstand CO powers and are testing them or something...
FunkyChunk (10/14/2007 12:25am):
Also, rockets and heavy tanks seem too important as lab units- shouldn't AB, BH, & TG get
labs at least?
DuelStriker2 (10/14/2007 06:07am):
Yeah, you're right, hope this works now.
FunkyChunk (10/14/2007 01:53pm):
Yey, it looks better.
DuelStriker (11/23/2007 03:12pm):
Super Striker (11/27/2007 10:42pm):
This map is flawless and AWSOME!!! 10/10
sellout2154 (04/24/2008 12:42pm):
Very interesting team setup.
funwes (06/25/2008 08:46pm):
AB can infantry flood like no tomorrow
DuelStriker (06/26/2008 02:53pm | Edited: 07/19/2008 12:46pm):
Alright, I'm definitely going to be taking out a few bases for AB.

Edit: Dammit, I should of unpublished this. STOP MAKING GAMES ON IT PEOPLE
funwes (07/24/2008 12:14pm):
Blame Fungi D:

Also, I'm not sure if AB's infantry flood is a bad thing (besides Sami). AB has 7 other
opponents to take care of who are all teamed up against him/her. Taking out more than 1-2
bases might actually hurt AB considering the 2-3 fronts he/she has to fight on
DuelStriker (07/30/2008 06:46pm):
I think I might at least make some of thier starting properties neutral then.
DuelStriker (12/13/2008 01:04pm):
Alright, it's been changed a bit. Actually, I changed it a while ago and never made a comment
saying so.
- AB given less starting properties
- Changed formation of southern pipe in AB's fortress giving TG a slightly more easier time to
take the comm tower and airport in the southwest
- RF starts with just one base instead of 2 now
- Team of 5 now has a silo, use it wisely
- Neutral base north of BH/TG's fortress moved down 1 sapce
Noisyfoxx (11/02/2014 08:03am):
I think its not fair that AB's southern Piperunner can control the area around the comm tower can control as easily
while JS Piperunner is more or less useless.
Meta Rexy (12/06/2014 03:05pm):
I wish there were more maps with these asymmetrical teams.
It would give people an incentive to practice coordinating units like the first person building artillery, the second building tanks, the third building shields or something, the fourth providing air units, and the last guy providing heavy units or something... something about the cooperation required just makes this map really fun (and sometimes frustrating if they don't lol).
Anyways this map appears really open but seems like without dropouts it will stale or something at a few critical areas near the pipes. But when do you EVER have a game without dropouts?
liandry (05/28/2016 04:52am):
RF is one base short RIP
Meta Rexy (07/06/2018 04:19am | Edited: 08/19/2018 07:13pm):
No, RF has access to the 5 man teams only airport. He won't be pumping out as many
infantry as he will air units.

EDIT: After finally having a proper game on this map unfold, I'm noticing a few issues...
The team of 2 both have contested airports scattered on opposite sides of the map. I think
they should be located in a more central location so that they can be used against any
front where they're needed. Considering the hope is that each of the teams is evenly
matched against each other, not having that flexibility to send air units where necessary,
as well as the risk of them getting AA/missile locked can cost them when dealing with
enemy air units.

I also think the comm towers should be placed a bit closer, because if the team of 5 is
aggressive they can deny BH's tower a bit too easily.
Having contested cities along the front as well as a positional advantage is already
enough of an incentive to advance, anyway.
Tmi489 (09/20/2018 03:56pm):
team o 5 should have 1 base unowned for some of them i think
wolf_71 (11/30/2018 12:43pm):
The placement of the pipes forces the team of two to attack to gain
ground, but the other two teams have properties protected by the

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