Orange Star is pretty screwed.
Creator: FunkyChunk || First Published: 10/21/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x50
Categories: Joke
Rating: 6.40 in 5 ratings
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Super Striker (10/21/2007 02:37pm):
OMG IT"S F'NG AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Striker (10/21/2007 02:38pm):
FunkyChunk (10/21/2007 02:38pm):
Unit bans: None

Lab units: Black Bombs, Carriers, Black Boats, Neotanks, Megatanks

CO bans: Colin, Grit, Hachi, Kanbei, Sensei, Sasha, Kindle, Javier, Koal
IndirectDragon (10/21/2007 03:01pm):
Wow, you could actually turn this into a real map if you wanted to, funny anyway.
DuelStriker (10/21/2007 03:24pm):
No, OS wins because they still have FTA.
FunkyChunk (10/21/2007 03:27pm):
It's true.

I won a game on this map as OS. And not by BM resigning either- I won by HQ capture,
because of my FTA. Srsly, check my history and/or the game analysis.
Super Striker (10/21/2007 04:13pm):
How the HELL did you do that?
Nyvelion (10/21/2007 04:37pm):
It's easy to win as OS. By going first, you have the opportunity to gain the superior
position before BM even gets a turn!
nerd-boy (10/21/2007 04:51pm):
FunkyChunk have my children.
BadFurDay (10/21/2007 05:26pm):
OS can win simply by picking Koal, Drake, or Javier. Overpowered COs.
DuelStriker (10/21/2007 05:58pm):
They can also win as Sonja because there's forests and reefs.
Shadow Star (10/21/2007 07:53pm):
Or as Flak because he's been DS-ified.
(which, does make him pretty good, just not reliable.)
Evil Mastermind2 (11/29/2007 04:32am):
Wow... Just look at all those animated BM units go...

All OS really have to do is shoot one of their infantry out of the artillery onto a stealth
bomber, then stealthyly move over to BM HQ and blow it up with some sort of nuclear
GenericNPC (12/17/2007 04:11pm):
Way back in the day with AW1 this is what Olaf SHOULD have done to Orange Star,
however Funky you should atleasy remake this map without the units and stuff cause it
seems like it would be really fun
CheeseOmen (01/08/2008 03:15pm):
Soooo what's FTA mean?
Trycon (01/11/2008 07:37am | Edited: 01/11/2008 07:40am):
Hey Andy is not that bad he has one of the best SCOP in the game
Yes A very Fair map, But give orange star One more infantry and it should even things out
sellout2154 (07/06/2008 04:53pm):
You need an FTA counter, then OS won't win every time maybe
darktooth191 (12/26/2008 03:39pm):
he didnt really i checked his profile.hes lieing
FunkyChunk (07/22/2010 06:12am):
^ Completed games only stick around for a little bit.
adder 85 (10/10/2010 09:44pm):
And somehow, the computer would still lose.

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