You wanna have a tournament?
Creator: Heartless || First Published: 10/14/2007 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.80 in 20 ratings
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Heartless (10/14/2007 12:51am | Edited: 10/14/2007 01:14pm):
Well, this map should be perfect. however, I'll have to write a wall of text to explain

So, round 1. OS vs PL, BD vs AB, GE vs TG and RF vs PC. Round 1 battles are pretty simple
to understand. just defeat your opponent and congrats, you move on to the second round.
But now begins the fun part. As long as both opponents are still in the game, the recon walls
will block any premature developpement, forcing you to actually defeat the opponent. The
faster you win the first round match, the more advantages you get. Now, it's possible to put
infantry on the small patch of land, but it's pretty useless for now, since more recon walls
will stop you from progressing. Now, land on the second HQ area. There, you can capture
the bases and start fighting your opponent (if he's there). In this round, you'll be pretty much
forced to win by HQ capture, but if you do make it, you'll get very high funds.

The last round of this epic tournament happens on two fronts. These fronts are where you
go all out to try and break through. If you beat your opponent on 1 front, you win, so make
sure you play well on both fronts.

Now, here comes the bans.

COs: Broken 5, Sami, Kindle, Von Bolt, Sturm, Javier, Hawke, Drake, Olaf, Sasha, Rachel
Banned units: T-copters, Piperunners, Black Bombs
Lab Units: Rockets, MD tanks and Higher, bombers, fighters, stealths
Shadow Star (10/14/2007 12:27pm):
Interesting, I'm not a fan of the last area having two bases next to each other. But everything
seems to work properly.
I'd suggest adding 4 more shoals. the final areas only can unload one infantry at a time, is
that intentional?

also, you've only left Andy, Max, Nell, Jake, Rachel (whom I'd suggest banning since you
seem to be targetting the Damage COs too) Eagle, Jess, Sonja, Grimm, Flak, Jugger, Adder,
Koal, Lash.

It's a good map, I just want those above questions answered before I know exactly what to
rate it.
Heartless (10/14/2007 01:16pm):
I knew I forgot a CO. Anyway, I won't add another shoal, cause you can only unload 2
infantries in the small patch of plains at one (one for each black boat)
sirfuxalot (10/14/2007 02:05pm | Edited: 10/14/2007 02:05pm):
final round = too many funds
Shadow Star (10/14/2007 02:08pm):
well, ok then. 9/10
rast2 (01/24/2008 12:33pm):
needs more black tiles. good concept though, 7/10
gullet (02/09/2008 08:47am):

gullet (02/09/2008 08:47am):

gullet (02/09/2008 08:48am):
hehe sorry :p
RipperX (04/09/2008 11:55am):
very interesting and looks very well developed.
i just cant bring myself to give it 10.
*Zap* (06/14/2008 01:11pm):
great one! (how do you get the time?:D)
CaLeX (09/17/2008 04:36pm):
isnt it that Red can shoot purple away with artillery?
snowlico (02/13/2009 02:11am):
In the game I'm in I missed some of my turns but I'm still (just barely) in it. I'm using PC and my
opponent is RF. GE alredy finnished against TG and has already got all the wy to the next
battle area. Now all they have to do is go around and capure my HQ and the RF HQ and then
they can go and capture the HQs of all the other players.

Something that would fix that is if there was a Pc recon and a FR recon in the way so that
TG or GE would have to wait to continue untill there next opponent is ready.
Ian_the_pro (03/09/2009 02:43am):
if one guy wins fast, he may be able to quickly win the second battle
Falconewing (07/15/2009 09:22pm):
ugly!But I like it.10

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