Creator: Genius || First Published: 10/18/2007 || Players: 5 || Size: 19x17
Categories: None
Rating: 7.33 in 3 ratings
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Genius (10/18/2007 10:26am):
A 5 person map. Tell me what you think, Im accepting all ideas!
Shadow Star (10/18/2007 10:33am):
Could use some shoals and reefs for aesthetical reasons.

The six cities in the middle, I think could be spread out a little more, right now, they're just too
close together.
I'd also break up the roads a little with some forests or plains, otherwise this'll be a recon,
mech, artillary war.
The chokepoints are pretty bad with teh income, artillaries will be the biggest choice for units
with infantry and mechs after that.
Genius (10/18/2007 10:43am):
I dont think I could really spread them out any more without putting them too close to every
base, prehaps I should omit some..
Shadow Star (10/18/2007 10:45am):
I'd probably just put them one space further away from the center. you know, into each of
the straight aways.

it's more open now which is good.
Genius (10/18/2007 10:53am):
changed: reefs added, one city removed from each base and center cities reduced from 6 to
five. I dont like the idea of moving the middle cities into the straightaways tho, I think they will
be too easy for each player to hold it.
Shadow Star (10/18/2007 10:55am):
mm, it'll be fine, although mech and infantry rushing is going to be the main culprit ofr winning
DuelStriker (10/18/2007 02:40pm):
9/10 because 5P FFA maps are hard to make.

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