Fatal Duel
Creator: Fugue || First Published: 10/20/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x15
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.08 in 12 ratings
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Fugue (10/20/2007 11:33am):
A straightforward one-on-one map.

CO Bans: The Broken Six (Colin, Grit, Hachi, Sensei, Kanbei, and Flak)
Suggested Bans: Kindle, Lash, Rachel, Sami, Sasha, Sturm, Von Bolt
Shadow Star (10/20/2007 01:08pm):
Everythign looks balanced and placed well.
good amount of forests, no large chokepoints. middle road could be a little more broken up.
FTA looks good.

very nice. 9
DuelStriker (10/20/2007 02:25pm):
I'm not fatal :(

Cool map though.
Tyrael (09/18/2008 06:11pm):
^ No kidding. ;)
walkerboh01 (07/31/2010 02:26pm | Edited: 03/07/2011 02:08am):
Love it, 9/10 for me. Only detractor is that it's a rather commonplace left vs. right battle.
Red11 (04/23/2011 11:04pm):
Cool map.

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