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Island hoppy (Design Map by Condescension)
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Rating: 8.40 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Super Striker (10/21/2007 04:38pm):
Looks good to me.
Shadow Star (10/21/2007 04:49pm):
Too many. ports. (but it's a sea map, put some PL infantry on a few of the ports, not every
port, byt maybe half of the ports, one per island except for the starting islands.)
I'd remove the airport in the middle. and probably the Com towers.
I'd spread the reefs out a little bit more.
other then that it looks good.
AMajor (10/21/2007 05:15pm):
Dear God, that's a lot of properties! I agree with Shadow Star--put infantry of a
non-existent team on some ports. (That creates a glitch in the game, so you can't make
anything out of it.)
Condescension (10/21/2007 05:21pm):
There, i changed it a bit, deleted...12 ports (wow, didnt realize how many there were).

Any specific ports that require deletion, let me know.
Shadow Star (10/21/2007 05:48pm):
No no, the ports were important, you needed to capture a lot of them to get any good naval
combat, plus resupplying.
Please don't remove all those ports. Ghost unit it.
I still suggest removing the airport.
Condescension (10/21/2007 06:19pm):
I re-added the ports and ghost unit-ed the ports surroundint the center island, making it
important to control the center ports to control the middle. The ones on the Outer
islands i like, as they provide nice little jumping-off points for fleets that dont want
to go throught to the center, instead going directly towards the opponents base.

Removed the airports... changing the com towers to cities.
Shadow Star (10/21/2007 06:21pm):
It's very nice now.
although 8 neutral bases does seem to be a bit much for a sea heavy map.
Last Edited on 10/21/2007 06:24pm
DuelStriker (10/21/2007 06:22pm):
Kewl map.
Condescension (10/21/2007 07:01pm):
There are only 6 neutral bases... 2 in the center, and one each on the islands directly N,
S, E, and W of the center. But thanks for the input and tips and good ratings and shtuff!
Last Edited on 10/21/2007 07:01pm

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