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Small enough (and bad enough) (Design Map by BadFurDay)
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Rating: 8.25 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
BadFurDay (10/25/2007 10:48am):
Just because someone told me that small maps can't be good/balanced. Yeah, they can, that
just requires making them being not too small, having a proper FTA counter, and enough
terrain/properties around.

I wasn't aiming at making a super-map, I know it's not good, just made it to show my point
and will eventually delete it (after playing a game on it).

If you might want for some awkward reason to play on it, then ban the broken 5, make sure
Sami is banned. As this begs for a mechflood, ban mechs aswell. And turn fog of war on to
make the game a bit less straightforward.
FunkyChunk (10/25/2007 12:24pm):
Haha, fog of war on this map, a few recons would illuminate the entire playing field.
Metalic_Dragon (10/25/2007 06:03pm):
Ban Sturm, his tanks can reach the enemy base in one day.
GoblinKing (10/15/2009 01:39am):
swasitika in the mountians FTL
still 8/10
Last Edited on 10/15/2009 01:40am

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