3 times more Spann
Creator: BadFurDay || First Published: 10/26/2007 || Players: 3 || Size: 15x14
Categories: None
Rating: 8.79 in 14 ratings
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BadFurDay (10/26/2007 05:46am):
Extended Spann to incorporate a third player and somewhat balance it. It's even playable
in fog of war.

I hope you hate me for this. I know I hate myself for it.
AMajor (10/26/2007 07:36pm):
I wonder how many Spann Island maps there are...
Tyrael (10/26/2007 08:05pm):
I think this is the 41st. Someone in the forums suggested they have their own map category,
TheCOMET (11/01/2007 01:22pm):
wahoo, a 3 player spann island, now thats what i call a map XD, i think am gonna play this,
like.............. right now, awesomeness
DuelStriker (11/03/2007 11:55am):
lol, did you see the other 3P Spann map and base this map off of it? It looks more balanced
than the other one.
BadFurDay (11/04/2007 09:08am):
I saw the other 3P spann map only afterwards, I thought I was the first to think of it,
too bad :p
Creepy Crawly (11/20/2007 12:56am):
1 Player Maps
2 Player Maps
3 Player Maps
4 Player Maps
Spann Island Maps
Ducky (03/06/2008 06:52pm):
Creepy Crawly (11/19/2007 11:56pm):
1 Player Maps
2 Player Maps
3 Player Maps
4 Player Maps
Spann Island Maps
I suppose their are 1 player maps but do they really deserve a category?
a432 (07/18/2008 04:13am):
This is a decent map however it promotes Infantry&Artillary spamming IMHO.
CCCP (12/22/2016 09:13pm):
Isn't this 1.5 more Spann?
Context (02/01/2018 02:06pm):

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