2 vs 2 Pipe Assault
Creator: DuelStriker2 || First Published: 10/27/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 28x28
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 8.00 in 4 ratings
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DuelStriker2 (10/27/2007 02:58pm | Edited: 10/27/2007 04:41pm):
Yes, another team map, except I threw even more randomness in to this one. BM/CI vs

Reccomened CO bans: Broken 5, Kindle, Sasha, any damage COs, and perhaps Javier, but
there's only one comm tower per side so...

Unit bans: Piperunners, Black Bombs and maybe Stealths.

Also, all BH units = ghost units.
Metalic_Dragon (10/27/2007 03:04pm):
*Steals DS*
Metalic_Dragon (10/27/2007 04:28pm):
*Makes a serious comment*

Metalic_Dragon (10/27/2007 04:28pm):
*Makes a serious comment*

amthc356 (10/27/2007 10:12pm):
What's with the improper FTA counter?
DuelStriker (10/28/2007 06:03am):

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