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Land of Ruin (Design Map by Sothis)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 8.27 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
Sothis (11/14/2007 03:21pm):
The outlying neutral bases and the comm towers are both equally accessible to both armies,
so the game can be divided in either direction. I'm sure people will naturally gravitate
toward their own HQ, but a game where they didn't might be more interesting.

Tyrael (11/14/2007 03:51pm):
Looks pretty good to me. 9
DuelStriker (11/14/2007 04:22pm):
The only thing you missed Tyrael, is that it's BASE HEAVY. Very.
Sothis (11/14/2007 04:53pm):
Would it be better if one starting base was a city, or if I removed the outer neutral
bases instead?
FunkyChunk (11/14/2007 05:08pm):
You should at least get rid of the two central bases. I mean, freshly built non-Sturm
recons can't reach the other base and non-Grit rockets can't reach it either, but they're
still awfully close to eachother and to the awfully close HQs. Awfully.

And this is just me, but I really hate the 'broken pipeseam' effect.

If you worked on it a bit, it could turn out very good, but I just don't like it at the moment
Last Edited on 11/14/2007 05:09pm
Tyrael (11/14/2007 07:34pm):
The title does say the land is ruined, so the pipeseam residue and shoal lakes are meant to
reflect that in the map, which I personally like. And yea it is a little base heavy now you
mention it. I think one starting base should be a city. Otherwise there's a front where you
gotta ship units all the way from the back to get up there.
Sothis (11/14/2007 08:46pm):
Alright I changed it to one base and one city.
I also added a bit of terrain to break up the plains, and changed the armies so the units
aren't facing the wrong way. ;)
I put in two airports so there's more options during battle. The closest airport for both
armies is actually the one near the enemy HQ, so we'll see how that goes.
The center bases were also moved outward as suggested.
Last Edited on 11/18/2007 11:05pm
Metalic_Dragon (11/18/2007 11:17pm):
CoolJets (12/02/2007 07:24pm):
Good game Sothis. No big complaints on the map. 8/10
DuelStriker (12/18/2007 08:09pm):
I think what this map needs is a little bit more terraining (not too much though), another pre-
owned base for each army, a couple more neutral cities, and then move the FTA counter
onto one of the bases.
DuelStriker (01/25/2008 10:13am):
Nice fixes Sothis! Looks alot better now :)

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