Lakefront View
Creator: nerd-boy || First Published: 11/12/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 6.71 in 14 ratings
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nerd-boy (11/12/2007 08:04pm):

...I got nothin'

Ban: Broken five, Sturm, Sami.

I'm a little worried that I may be overcompensating the FTA counter (essentially BM gets
either a 1-square headstart on the comm tower or a 2-square headstart on the
Base/Airport). Thoughts?
DuelStriker (11/12/2007 08:31pm):
Shoal bridges/10
sirfuxalot (11/12/2007 09:35pm | Edited: 11/12/2007 09:36pm):
Doesn't the FTA counter give BM their base 2 days earlier than OS? EDIT: I wasn't taking
into account the other base so nevermind, this map is good.
Tyrael (11/12/2007 09:35pm):
Put the infantry on the factory two spaces to the left. Also, nice map.
nerd-boy (11/12/2007 09:41pm):
If I put the infantry on the factory itself, then BM is guaranteed to get the Comm tower a
turn earlier if they rush it, which won't do.
Tyrael (11/13/2007 11:05am):
OS can rush the one on the bottom right as well and have a symmetrical advantage on THAT
com tower, so the infantry should be on the base so OS doesn't get an advantage on both
nerd-boy (11/13/2007 04:22pm):
Well, I'll have to test it, but it'll probably work. Not ENTIRELY sure about it, though.
themapmaker (06/23/2008 04:25pm):
You have a ton of A-rank maps. Good job
nerd-boy (06/23/2008 07:52pm):
I'm on the map committee.

It's kinda a prereq to have good maps.

And for the record, I never categorize my own maps.

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