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Creator: Tyrael || First Published: 11/15/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 15x15
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 6.22 in 9 ratings
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Tyrael (11/15/2007 07:49pm | Edited: 11/15/2007 07:51pm):
Small 4-player FFA, or if you really wanted you could do teams, I guess. It's rotationally
symmetrical around the outside, I double checked when I went back to insert FTA counter. :P
Rates comments feedback and suggestions appreciated.
Tyraelowns (11/15/2007 07:52pm):
The roads make a kickass pattern.
Tyrael v2 (11/15/2007 07:55pm):
Shoal bridges/10
Tyrael s Map Bank (11/15/2007 07:56pm):
Tyrael (11/15/2007 07:57pm):
You guys aren't being very helpful.
DuelStriker (11/15/2007 07:57pm):
Tyrael (11/15/2007 07:58pm):
funwes (11/15/2007 08:00pm):
Tyrael (11/15/2007 08:20pm):
DuelStriker (11/15/2007 08:25pm):
yeah, 30mapsperaccountislame/10
Condescension (11/15/2007 08:26pm):
Looks kind of like my SymmetryrtemmyS map, but shrunk. And with less mountains.
But I like my map, so i like this one too.
funwes (11/15/2007 09:03pm):
Tyrael (11/15/2007 09:46pm):
Wow, it is quite a bit like yours condescention. But with 20,000 maps out there it's hard to
be totally unique. I wasn't basing mine off of yours, I just felt like small 4-player with water in
it somewhere so I made an island/10
Tyrael s Map Bank (11/15/2007 09:47pm):
FunkyChunk (11/15/2007 09:48pm):
The written form of the unwritten rule of roads:

All roads must end at, or curve into, a property or silo tile. Where applicable, the
outside boundary of the map and black squares are also acceptable.
Tyrael (11/15/2007 09:54pm):
Well, duh. Who wants to be driving along and then BAM they're in a frickin forest? Hmm?
Didn't think so.

And most/all of my other maps have roads going into forests anyway, just this one doesn't. I
had to keep the roads from going into forests because the environmentalists worried that
cars crashing into the trees would kill the wildlife. I tried to explain my godlike map editing
powers of forest rejuvination, but they wouldn't listen. Sigh.

What's your problem with roads (urban related) running into cities (urban related) and not
into forests (nature related)?
FunkyChunk (11/15/2007 10:01pm):
Just observing something. I do it in all my maps, but mainly I just place random crap
around in my maps until there are no 2x2 clumps of any terrain besides shoals.

I'm fond of shoal-circles.
Condescension (11/16/2007 12:28am):
Oh, I didn't mean to say you were plagiarizing or anything like that. I just noticed a
resemblance... and found the opportunity to plug my map =P.
BadFurDay (11/16/2007 03:07am):
[witty comment about shoals, swatsika, or koal goes here]/10
Tyrael (11/16/2007 09:59am | Edited: 01/12/2008 05:24pm):
I'm not mad Funky, you made me laugh. And I know you weren't being accusatory Cond, I
just was saying for no reason at all. Guess I wanted to pad my comment count :P
Ducky (04/11/2008 05:29pm):
Lol @ map bank having no maps

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