Lol, Geometry
Creator: Tyrael || First Published: 11/17/2007 || Players: 3 || Size: 29x15
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.27 in 11 ratings
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Tyrael (11/17/2007 01:40am | Edited: 11/19/2007 10:38pm):
This map rocks.
Garytop (11/17/2007 01:45am):
i agree with the above statement
Metalic_Dragon (11/17/2007 05:14am):
wtf rivers
BadFurDay (11/17/2007 05:27am):
wtf spelling shoals
BadFurDay (11/17/2007 06:18am):
also, lol putting your own map in your favorites
DuelStriker (11/17/2007 08:27am):
wtf rivers, wtf reefs spelling your name, and wtf favoriting your own map
Tyrael (11/17/2007 03:24pm):
I favorite all my own maps, because they're all my favorites. Dur.
DuelStriker (11/17/2007 03:27pm):
Well, they are your maps so you're supposed to like them. I don't get why you need to
favorite them if you made them yourself.
Tyrael (11/17/2007 03:30pm | Edited: 03/25/2008 03:17pm):
I don't NEED to favorite them, but I do anyway. I just want to see
my maps when browsing my favorites.
funwes (11/17/2007 03:34pm):
wtf euclid
DuelStriker (11/17/2007 03:36pm):
No it's not looked down upon, I just think it's weird.
RedlineM204 (11/17/2007 03:37pm):
funwes (11/17/2007 04:49pm):
Tyrael (11/17/2007 07:45pm | Edited: 11/19/2007 10:39pm):
BadFurDay (11/17/2007 05:27am):
wtf spelling shoals

You mean spelling reefs? Shoals = beaches. Reefs = brown circle things.

sulla (11/29/2007 07:53am):
*pukes again* looking at your trashy maps makes me feel ill.
Super Striker (11/29/2007 09:12pm):
Sulla Tyrael makes good maps. Face it.
Tyrael (11/29/2007 11:59pm):
Stop trolling my maps please.
Erwin Rommel (12/07/2007 08:19pm):
Aaaaand Sulla posts again.

The simple fact that he insulted it means that it gets a ten.
funwes (12/15/2007 06:19pm):
That makes me feel sad; sulla never trolls my maps, so I must be making bad maps :(
DuelStriker (12/17/2007 04:19pm):
Yeah, he hasn't trolled my maps yet either, even though he seems to be mad at me and Shini
the most, lol.

Also, I think AB should be in the center, JS gets kind of squished by them since AB goes first.
thecooltodd (01/09/2008 06:09pm):
wtf sulla?

*gives free 10/10*
thecooltodd (01/09/2008 06:10pm):
I just reuined the 8.88 out of 8 ratings... now its a 9.00 out of 9.
Tyrael (07/01/2008 04:55am):
Aww... Wait, uh, yay! But you ruined it... But that's good... Dammit stop confusing my
emotions! >:O
Redwall530 (10/20/2009 04:30pm | Edited: 10/20/2009 04:30pm):
3 person fair FFA
Its really possible
Also, I think AB should be in the center, JS gets kind of squished by them since AB goes first.


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