I love VAR!!!
Creator: sulla || First Published: 11/19/2007 || Players: 6 || Size: 25x25
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Rating: 3.17 in 18 ratings
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sulla (11/19/2007 12:48pm | Edited: 11/19/2007 12:48pm):
The basic aim of this map is too give each nations a diffrent look. Doubt its ballanced though.

After I am done playing the first game I am going to give green earth an airport LOL
funwes (11/19/2007 01:01pm):
OS is screwed right in the middle there, and GE and YC look like they can sit pretty for
awhile, along with BM.
DuelStriker (11/24/2007 07:05pm):
This gets a 1, and likes it.
sulla (11/29/2007 07:47am):
Duel your maps stink of crap anyway.
Tyrael (12/12/2007 08:48pm):
This gets a 1, and likes it.
blanci1 (03/07/2008 09:27am | Edited: 04/28/2008 10:59am):
Well being centrally placed OS may have more options as compensation, he is slightly
closest to 2 factories, and has fast access to a housing estate for early funds, and has a
river for defence, .....i wouldnt mind playing OS. Also, I dont see how any army can just sit
pretty ?
they must surely come out to contest cities?
Yeah , it could be a somewhat unfair map---- but for who?? its really not so clear. I think
from a practical point of view its reasonably playable as any country... each one has
different pluses and minuses, and its up to each player to make the best of what they have.

im all in favour of non-symetrical stuff-- its more natural...yes there are balance issues but
these can be worked on. OK on this map they could be severe , but its really put out as a
fun multi-player surely... at least you dont need to worry if you lose playing this map.

Sulla , why not sell advertising space on your maps to google.. they generate so much
marks (/10):
map philosophy/originality 9 implementation 5 fairness 3 fun factor 8 gramar/spellling 2
rast2 (03/17/2008 04:00pm):
normally this would be a 2/10 but sulla has been here long enough to know better.

sulla (03/19/2008 07:09am):
Piss off rast you cunt
Dragunov14 (04/24/2008 08:56pm):
ROFL!!! ^^^^
blanci1 (05/16/2008 10:34am):
there must be something good about this map because i am sure i am losing early on which
is rare..... the total lack of symmetry makes it hard to predict your various opponents plans
and deployments... on symmetric maps you can more or less imagine they have a similar
deployment to yourself... but on this map.. this laziness fails miserably .. you really need to
think carefully here. Again i think this map is a good idea but only moderately well
implemented... for example ..theres a lot of little used space out east... but perhaps this is a
kind of reality fix.. real world battles occur in such lopsided places.
sulla (05/30/2008 01:49pm):
Each nations have a diffrence theme. One Nation is the river people. One is the forest Nation
Pipe Streams Sea etc....

This map isnt finished as I considereach game to be a test. I want every nation to have a
nirial1991 (06/08/2008 06:06pm | Edited: 06/08/2008 06:06pm):
Temper, temper. Yes we'll have to wait until the playtests are in, buuut this map still
sucks.1/10 P.S. you've got a bit of a dracula accent going on there eh?
sulla (06/20/2008 03:12pm):
Urm???? are you like some retarded noob nirial?
blanci1 (07/20/2008 05:21pm):
GE could do with a housin estate on hand (or a line) and BH too
Also with 4 nuetral bases and 6 players we can expect early trouble... and possibly 2
resignations/ bootings.

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