Fast Forward River
Creator: DuelStriker2 || First Published: 11/21/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 18x14
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.42 in 12 ratings
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DuelStriker2 (11/21/2007 08:27pm):
wtf shoal lake in center
funwes (11/21/2007 08:29pm):
wtf rivers
amthc356 (11/21/2007 09:37pm):
wtf bad comments
Tyrael (11/21/2007 11:29pm):
wtf wtf
FunkyChunk (11/22/2007 03:22am):
I've never seen a map before that used a property as a bridge over a river... Creative, I

I'm not sure I like the "rush to the neutral bases" aspect of this map, though. Maybe
it's just their position, it's going to be hectic to try and capture a comm tower.
DuelStriker (11/22/2007 08:27am):
I can move thme if you tell me where.
Tyrael (12/19/2007 05:57pm):
I think a tough fight over a tower would be a good thing.
Taz (04/07/2008 03:42am):
I played a league game on this map and it's a pretty good map, with different fighting
paces (and styles) in the middle and in the corners.
rast2 (05/23/2008 10:46am):
fyi sturm is busted on this map because he can get factory faster
Harti1990 (05/28/2008 04:29pm):
o rly
DuelStriker (05/29/2008 05:19pm):
rast2 (05/23/2008 10:46am):
fyi sturm is busted on this map because he can get factory faster

Here's a hint: BAN STURM. Duh
rast2 (06/04/2008 11:15am):
Good point, DS. That's probably why this map isn't in the four leagues that allow Sturm as a
CO, but is in the other three leagues.
Kruegster (01/15/2009 10:08pm):
The com towers seem a bit too contestable. If the match is in a stalemate then I foresee a lot
of fighting around the com towers, and if one player gets both com towers then the other
player will have almost no chance of making a come-back.

I think cities in the corners would be better.
Falconewing (07/01/2009 09:16pm):
pipe seams for towers!
DuelStriker (07/03/2009 10:59am):
I haven't seen any problems with the towers, or stalemates for that matter, on this map. The
fight for the comm towers is fun. Also, if you capture both towers, you've most likely won
anyway, so it's not a problem.
blanci1 (12/17/2010 07:32pm | Edited: 04/01/2011 12:41am):
kruegster has a point.. but it is still an interesting battle, and its posible that an
overcommitment in the corner could be costly elswhere. I think by "stalemate" kruegster
meant a "balanced
fight" .. .. a lot of "choke points" does not necesarily stay choked for long with adventurous
play.... which is what makes this likely a pretty interesting and fun map !

The roads work well here making recon/rocket more useful
than normal.

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