101 days to win!!
Creator: Darth Hawke || First Published: 11/25/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 5x5
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Rating: 5.29 in 7 ratings
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Darth Hawke (11/25/2007 09:58pm):
As you can see, I was extremely bored at 8:51 pm and decided to make a stupid map. So I
made this map, which will take 99 days for the OS to win. Sorry, BM, I'll make a game
which will let you win, but not now. Too...bored. Anyway, 99 days break the pipe seam and
2 days for the capture. 99 + 2 = 101, for you stupid people who can't count.
Tyrael (11/25/2007 09:58pm):
He can do it if he believes in himself!!!
funwes (11/25/2007 10:02pm):
BM doesn't deserve the win! In fact, neither does OS!

FunkyChunk (11/25/2007 11:58pm):
Actually, Sturm as OS won't be able to win. Ever.
Nyvelion (11/26/2007 10:07am):
Sturm has -20 attack, so it just takes a little longer, that's not never.
FunkyChunk (11/26/2007 01:24pm):
I thought Sturm infantry and recons did 0% damage to pipeseams, am I wrong?
DuelStriker (11/26/2007 03:45pm):
Wow... That's kind of dumb, lol.
Nyvelion (11/26/2007 03:49pm):
yes, you are
Darth Hawke (11/27/2007 11:47pm | Edited: 07/10/2009 12:20am):
Duel Striker...This was meant to be a joke map.
Scebboaliwiw (12/08/2007 11:02pm):
In case anyone doesn't know, baka is japenese for stupid, I just might be baka because I
think I mispelt japenese.
Anyway, wouldn't grimm finish this faster?
Darth Hawke (12/09/2007 02:40pm):
Hmm...So should I add COM Towers for OS? Or would it be better if I gave BM an infantry as
Ducky (03/06/2008 06:13pm):
make it a mech so that they get three shots and have to go slow the rest of the way
Darth Hawke (05/18/2008 03:19pm):
But then it wouldn't take 101 days to win.
IMBOOPEKOO (02/02/2009 08:29pm):
esti de cave
IMBOOPEKOO (02/02/2009 08:29pm):
esti de cave
Darth Hawke (02/06/2009 11:25pm):
What? Soy no Espanol!
airob (05/09/2009 01:11pm):
eso no es espaņol...(thatīs not spanish hawke)
Darth Hawke (05/13/2009 07:06am | Edited: 05/13/2009 05:20pm):
Sorry airob. I don't know a lot of Spanish.
Cadeyrn (01/04/2010 12:29pm):
Ehm...wouldnt the infantry die after his fuel is gone? XD
I'd pick BM!
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Joly (09/10/2011 07:56am):
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