Flat Earth
Creator: SmackCakes2 || First Published: 11/29/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x16
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Innovative, Teleport Tile
Rating: 9.69 in 13 ratings
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BadFurDay (11/29/2007 05:28am | Edited: 11/29/2007 05:51am):
Not so sure about starting with 3 bases (or perhaps replace both HQs with a lab to avoid
first turn recon), but apart from that it's definitely a nice concept.
Evil Mastermind2 (11/29/2007 06:01am):
The earth is flat? Dude, you just took the human race back a few hundred years.

Other than that its a thoroughly good map. I think BH will win because they have the better
Ploumeur (11/29/2007 10:21am):
This earth is flat, but has two sides...

Tyrael (11/29/2007 10:57am):
The symmetry is trippy, maaaaaan.
FunkyChunk (11/29/2007 12:31pm):
Yeah, that's seriously some crazy symmetry you've got going on there. I like it though,
it's interesting.
RedlineM205 (11/29/2007 02:08pm):
Now this is good.
Taz (12/01/2007 06:18am | Edited: 12/01/2007 06:23am):
I'm still a bit worried about the little remaining FTA, but, except that it's good. Mabe
making a factory neutral would be nice. Or even adding a fourth original factory. I think
the map could handle it. After all there are two fronts.
SmackCakes2 (12/01/2007 11:38am):
I decided to take a factory out instead, the map is quite small (especially with black tiles) and I
don't want it to turn into infantry spam.
amthc356 (06/05/2009 06:55am):
PC indirects on one side of the black tile line can attack the other side
Nyvelion (04/25/2012 03:59pm):
I like the way you designed this, interesting
Rockoe10 (08/22/2012 05:19pm):
WOW its symmetrical!!! 10/10
systericon (01/08/2013 06:07am):

but +1 cos you fucked my brain :D 10/10
pokeworld (01/08/2013 08:40pm):
Waltsski (03/10/2013 03:20am):
How do you get the black colored square for teleportation?

Nyvelion (09/19/2014 05:10pm):
With your MIND
AWsome (10/24/2019 04:06pm):
Earth chan meme on awbw, lmao

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