I see it every time I close my eyes
Creator: nerd-boy || First Published: 11/29/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x18
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.31 in 29 ratings
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nerd-boy (11/29/2007 06:34pm | Edited: 11/29/2007 06:51pm):
Oh my god, a non-standard (3k starting funds w/ 1 infantry FTA counter w/ three bases per
side) map! Whatever will we do? Map dedicated to the people who want something different
to work with that's not called Pheasant. Here ya go, dudes.

Rec. Funds: 1000
Rec. bans: Normal 5 + Sturm.


FTA counter subject to change.
funwes (11/29/2007 06:36pm | Edited: 11/29/2007 07:01pm):
Fine. Don't name it my suggestion ;-;
FunkyChunk (11/29/2007 06:37pm):
Sturm can't disrupt any capturing if OS is Sami, your recommendations are thilly.
Comet (11/29/2007 07:51pm):
Looks good to me, ima give it a 10/10 as well.
Metalic_Dragon (11/29/2007 08:11pm):
Slight FTA
Darth Hawke (11/29/2007 08:41pm):
If you make some changes, I'm sure this will be an A-Rank map! ^__^
nerd-boy (11/29/2007 09:04pm):
What kind of changes?

And M_D, this is what Pheasant does for its FTA counter.
Tyrael (11/29/2007 10:28pm):
The rest of Pheasant is so awesome that it makes up for the slight FTA that it has.
Taz (11/30/2007 08:39am):
How very true :D
Here, you have to counter the starting funds FTA, this can be done by giving BM a starting
property near OS.
It should give BM 3000 funds (because the first OS infanteries will still go to the
factories), which is slightly overshooting (the right amount would be 2000+one infantery,
half of 4000 + 2 infanteries), but it's better than nothing.

nerd-boy (11/30/2007 03:01pm | Edited: 12/02/2007 08:15pm):
Points duly noted.


I changed around the FTA counter supplement (the cities) to something a little different,
as now OS needs to capture the city near the airport instead of the city near the river,
which should give BM some extra 2000/3000 funds. But if that winds up being an
overcompensation, I could always move the counter infantry to the city 3 squares away from
the airport, so BM gets the airport first, or...something. I'm not entirely sure. >_>
DuelStriker (12/02/2007 10:13am):
I really don't see anything wrong with it. 9/10
Metalic_Dragon (01/12/2008 07:23pm):
Pheasant is overrated anyways
Tyrael (01/12/2008 11:57pm):
No, Pheasant is legitimately awesome, it just needs to get rid of its FTA.
timeiskey (04/07/2008 08:38pm):
you guys are bird masters huh

bald eagles
nerd boy

all birds have bird brains

1(your iQ)
DuelStriker (04/25/2008 06:09pm | Edited: 04/25/2008 08:05pm):
nerd-boy (04/25/2008 07:55pm):
DS, that's intentional. It's part of the FTA counter (since one infantry doesn't work
perfectly with 6000 starting funds):

nerd-boy (11/30/2007 04:01pm):
I changed around the FTA counter supplement (the cities) to something a little different,
as now OS needs to capture the city near the airport instead of the city near the river,
which should give BM some extra 2000/3000 funds.
timeiskey (05/09/2008 06:41pm):
nerd boy this map is good with sensei and jess alot

Hellraider (09/13/2008 05:02pm):
Good map, but it could use a tower because it is a bit choky. Also 5000 starting funds would
probably be a bit better gameplaywise, it doesn't matter too much though.
samnoham (10/07/2008 04:30am):
how do you join
nerd-boy (10/07/2008 05:16pm):
You grow a brain.
Meta Rexy (11/13/2008 11:01pm):
9/10 for an excellent map. I like four bases and higher than normal properties to start
with. :D
Reylly (12/05/2009 05:07pm):
7.77 in 26 ratings
blanci1 (03/12/2011 02:13pm):
well it is nicely terrained...
though with the airport so far back, and 4 bases for plenty of spam, i m surpried there isnt a
choke/stand-off problem?
There have been plenty of games here with 10 % drawn ... i m surpried its not more !
Perhaps newbies dont know how to defend (when they are losing) ... i dont see how a
game between top players would ever finish .
I am eager to be proved wrong. I would like to hear of anyones experiences here... there
have been hundreds of games. The mot recent game between good players was agreed a
draw quite early without too much fight and without much AIR nor MECH which surely must
be the only way to breakthrough.
If this map doesnt suffer from choking , then i cant see how ANY half decent map would
suffer, a the present seem pretty extreme case. The front line river and bridges are only
broken in the narrow centre..but there are not even any nearly contestable cities, very hard
to imagine how to make progress.
This map could serve to get a good handle on the so-called choke problem.

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